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Coating meaning

Coating is a layer of covering that can be applied to a surface of an object. Coating is commonly used for decorative, functional or both purposes and can be applied as liquids, gases or solids.

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Picking the right coating and company can be a difficult process. Especially for someone who does not know his or her way around this industry. Buy coating via, just let us know what you are looking for and let us do the heavy lifting!

Coating applications

Coatings can be applied on many types of surfaces, coating steel, metal, wood or concrete. For each type of surface a different coating is recommended. Feel free to contact us for free expert advice

About connects ask and demand in the coating industry. Feel free to contact us with coating related questions, products or services.

Coating Australia launched to inform consumers about the enormous possibilities in the coating industry. The massive coating industry is innovating rapidly and smart, functional and reactive coatings are becoming more and more part of our daily surroundings.

The world of coatings is expanding and we want to tell the story

From the heavy use of industrial coating like chemical coating to the new and innovative nano coating or smart coating, the experts of are working everyday to inform you about all coatings available in Australia. Not looking for a coating for bridges, huge structures and more? Don’t worry! We have covered the so called consumer coatings as well. For all coating industry professionals our portal is as interesting as for everyone else, we keep you up-to-date in the fast moving coating industry in Australia.

Are you for example looking for large coating companies based in Sydney, Perth or Adelaide like Veolia, BASF, Dulux and Hempel or more local manufacturers in Melbourne like Oxytech (powder coating), Inteccoatings (timber coatings) and Melbacrylic (acrylic coatings)?

Feel free to contact us to connect you with the right coating manufacturer today!

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