Anti graffiti paint Australia

Anti graffiti paint Australia

Create a protective barrier on surfaces against graffiti

Graffiti is a form of modern art and it has been part of the Australian culture for a long time; however, there are places where it does not belong and where it is “visual litter”. Graffiti in general, lowers the value of real estate, has high cleaning costs and may look messy. Therefore, it is a nuisance for real estate owners; even though there are places where graffiti can be freely applied, the taggers still find it attractive to paint where it is not allowed. Graffiti and other vandalism cost Australia approximately a massive amount of  $2.5 billion per year! Fortunately, graffiti can be easily removed from a layer of anti graffiti paint. At the same time the costs of removing are reduced.

Anti graffiti coating forms a protective barrier on surfaces at risk of graffiti paint or permanent marker ink. The barrier makes sure that the paint or ink does not adhere to the underlying wall but stays on the anti graffiti paint layer instead.

Local anti graffiti specialists and authorities in Australia

Blue powder cloud between two walls painted with graffiti

Two anti graffiti system to protect surfaces with

There are two types of anti-graffiti paint to choose from; sacrificial/temporary paint and permanent paint. The best anti graffiti paint system is dependent on the application and the surface. If the coating is precaution on a surface where graffiti has not yet occurred, a temporary system may turn out to be more beneficial. However, a surface which frequently is subject to graffiti attacks requires a permanent anti graffiti coating to make sure the graffiti can be quickly removed and no time is needed for applying a new protective layer.

Temporary anti graffiti paint (b-wax)

B-wax is a coating type that resembles a wax layer. It creates a polymer intermediate barrier on the wall so the graffiti attaches to the barrier instead of the wall itself. When cleaning the wall, the graffiti and the layer will be cleaned off also. Although this makes cleaning the graffiti easy, it also makes it necessary to reapply a new coating layer every time after removal.

Nano coating against graffiti

Nano coating is a more durable solution and is called permanent anti graffiti paint. The nano particles ensure a hard protective layer which the graffiti paint does not adhere into. As a result, the graffiti can be removed without damaging the coating layer. The removal usually takes place with a pressure washer and soap. Though more expensive, the coating is effective for 3-8 years (50 to 70 cleaning rounds depending on cleaning methods and wall condition).

Wall painted with graffiti without anti graffiti paint

Advantages on brick and concrete walls

The main purpose of anti graffiti paint is to make graffiti and permanent ink easily removal. However, the coating also has other beneficial properties which increase surface durability. These characteristics include:

  • UV protection
  • Protection against mould
  • Weather resistance (repels water)

Additionally, most anti graffiti systems are waterborne, easy to apply and safe to use non toxic systems. These coatings are free of solvents; thus they have very low to zero VOC content. Next to be safe for people, anti graffiti paint is also environmentally friendly.

Protect wood against graffiti

Anti graffiti paint does not only protect wood from graffiti but also from oil, water and stains. With its application on wood, permanent markers and even graffiti spray paint do not adhere to the surface. An excellent solution for schools and classrooms!

Australia’s protection against graffiti

Australia is spending enormous amounts of dollars for cleaning graffiti and repairing other graffiti damage. Therefore, the number of anti graffiti coatings is increasing and they are becoming more and more available also for consumers. Nonetheless, businesses and governments remain the biggest markets for anti graffiti paint.

The coatings do not directly prevent graffiti appearing on surfaces, but they do make quick removal possible. Often when graffiti is removed as soon as it is noticed, the offenders lose their interest in presenting their art on that specific location. What is the point of graffiti, if no one can see it? However, sometimes an anti graffiti paint is not applicable or it has no effect on the frequency of graffiti popping up. Then, other measures must be taken into consideration.

anti graffiti paint australia

SoSafe Safety Shield – Semi permanent anti graffiti paint

anti graffiti paint australia

Elco Tuff – Permanent anti graffiti coating $495.00  5L (consumer price)

anti graffiti paint australia

Wattyl – Sigma dur Poly- U-400 anti graffiti clear $200.00  5L (consumer price)

When coating is not enough – Other measures for graffiti prvention

Besides Anti graffiti paint, there is more you can do to protect your house or building. In March the organisation Keep Australia Beautiful organises a special Graffiti Free Week.  They emphasize the importance of fast removing graffiti but also introduce other measures for prevention.

  • Planting of bushes and vegetation to cut access to public and private walls
  • Promptly report vandalism for example by reporting them (anonymously) on Crimestoppers Australia
  • Making use of materials that make graffiti painting difficult
  • Educating people about graffiti vandalism

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