Anti slip coating

anti slip coating

Anti slip coating makes slippery surfaces safe

As we know, many untreated surfaces can be extremely slippery especially when they become wet. Anti slip coating (non slip paint) has been developed to prevent slips and fall on those surfaces and increase safety for example in working places and public buildings. The coatings are also suitable for home applications on surfaces such as decking and bathroom floors.

Anti slip coatings are especially interesting for employers due to the fact that they are responsible for the health and safety of their employees during working hours. Most of the injuries which lead to sick leave result from slipping and tripping at work. Sometimes these incidents involve insurance policies and naming the responsible party. Fortunately anti slip coatings can prevent these incidents and inconvenience followed y them. The coatings are applicable for example in and on:

anti slip coating

Stairs & tile floors

anti slip coating

Parking lots

anti slip coating

Ship decks

anti slip coating

Bridges & ramps

anti slip coating


anti slip coating

Factories & workshops

anti slip coating

Work places

anti slip coating

Pools & wellness centres


What makes a coating anti-slip?

There are several ways of making surfaces anti slip. These include:

  • Two component epoxy coating systems which consist of resins and roughening particle aggregate
  • One component system which contains roughening aggregates of particles
  • Anti slip additive which is applied on a clear coat

In some cases, an alternative for anti slip coating is an option to consider. The alternatives include anti slip strips, tapes and mats. The application of these alternatives may be less time consuming and cheaper than applying a coating. However, coatings tend to be more durable and have longer life expectancy, which, at the end, reduces costs.

Anti slip coating for different surfaces

Anti slip coatings are essentially applicable on almost any surface. There are different products which are especially developed for a certain surface.

anti slip coating

Coated floors

anti slip coating


anti slip coating


anti slip coating


Where to by anti slip paint in Australia?

Nowadays, anti slip paint is available in different shops as well as online. For example Seton Australia is a local provider of  anti slip coating and other safety solutions especially for work places. Furthermore, other brands such as Dulux offer non slip systems also for households. Additionally, flooring specialist offer anti slip systems for different types of floors:

Brisbane area:
Address: 11/17 Indy Court, Nerang, 4211 QLD
Sydney area: 
Austral Flooring
227 Edgecliff Road, Woollahra, 2025 NSW

Melbourne area:

Connollys Timber Flooring
148 Gaffney Street, Coburg, 3058 VIC
Tel: 0393549998

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