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Automotive coatings industry

The automotive coatings industry consist of automotive paint coatings and vehicle refinishes. The latter refer to those suitable for paint repairs and thus, consumer use. Automotive coating applications for their part, always take place in a factory environment during the manufacture of vehicles.

Automotive coatings cover primers, undercoats and paints as well as special coatings for example for interiors, under the hood and car bottoms. The most visible coating is the one that defines the color of the car; the other coatings are often noticed when they are absent for example high temperature coatings under the hood.

Automotive paint types and colors

The automotive coatings have functional and aesthetic purposes; they protect vehicles from corrosion and define the color and looks of them. When it comes to colors, auto paint is available in almost any color and tint. However, some colors are available as standard and others must be let specifically made.

Paint types
automotive paint


automotive paint malaysia


automotive paint malaysia


automotive paint


automotive paint malaysia


Solid paint is the standard coating on cars and other vehicles and it is usually available without additional costs. It is often available in few basic colors such as white, black, blue and red.

The metallic paint is a shinier option which is created by adding metal (often aluminium) particles into the coating. The metallic coatings are also available in greater variety of colors.

Pearlecsent finishes offer a similar finish to metallic paint, however, it provides a deeper color. These coatings are possible through adding ceramic particles into the paint mixture.

Matte finishes are often not standard available, nonetheless, some manufacturers offer it as a specialty finish. The coating is also popular among car tuners due to the fact that it is rather rare and thus gives a unique look.

Innovation is also clearly present in the automotive coatings market; specialty finishes use new coating technologies and provide unique looks for cars and other vehicles. The special coatings include for example photoluminescent (PL) coatings and electroluminescent (EL) paint. Both of these coating types are light emitting and create a glow in the dark effect. The PL paint absorbs UV light and charges up to glow in the dark. The EL paint for its part receives its glow from electric current which passes through the surface. For example Lexus has experimented with electroluminescent paint LumiLor to show the driver’s hart beat on the surface of the car.

International automotive paint brands

Most of the largest international paint producers also manufacture automotive paints. For example PPG, Akzo Nobel and Sherwin Williams all offer automotive paints and vehicle refinishes.

Nano coatings for windows and interiors

Nano technology allows water and oil resistant coatings which are ideal for protecting car interiors from smudges and improving vision when it rains. The nano coatings namely prevent dirt, dust and other contamination from sticking to the interior, and makes those surfaces very easy to clean.

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