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Ceramic coating companies and services in Melbourne

Are you looking for a ceramic coating or a service provider in or around Melbourne? See our overview of ceramic coating Melbourne based companies and services. In order to extend our reach, feel free to contact us and submit your company; you can also suggest another company in the area.

HPC High Performance Coatings6 Watson Road, Leongatha VIC 395303 5662 4719
JET-HOT Coatings Australia Pty. Ltd.26 Elizabeth Street Castlemaine 3450 Vic. Australia03 5470 6416
Mirror Finish Detail876 Burwood Hwy, Ferntree Gully VIC 315603 9088 7534
VIP Car CareFact 29 94-102 Keys Road, Moorrabbin East VIC03 9553 2111

Heat resistant and insulating coatings

Ceramic coatings are often heat resistant and insulating thick coatings. They are very common in automotive industry, manufacturing, oil and gas as well as power generation branches. Ceramic coatings are also available for consumers in forms of car coatings. Nevertheless, for consumers, the ceramic coating application process is often complex and requires a lot of work. However, the coatings are popular despite the laborious application.

This is mainly due to the many benefits of these coatings:

  • hardness
  • resistance to thermal shock
  • corrosion protection
  • extended component life expectancy

Ceramic coating applications

Ceramic coatings are sometimes referred to as high performance coatings (HPC) due to the fact that they are often applied in environments which require extreme performance from the coating. Usually these coatings are subject to high or low temperatures or drastic temperature fluctuations. Therefore, ceramic coatings are  suitable for for example industrial machinery, exhaust and engine components as well as cookware. In Australia ceramic coating products are often designed especially for industrial applications. However, there are also consumer products which are often suitable for exhausts, engine components and other automotive parts.

In Melbourne, ceramic coatings are available in online and in physical shops for both industries and consumers. There are additionally, many service providers for ceramic coating of components and surfaces. These companies include for example, some car and motorcycle specialist coaters. Products are available in Australia, if you are looking to do it yourself this product might help: Optio-Coat Pro+

If you want to know more about ceramic coating see our other relevant information


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