Coating consultancy in planning phase

Coating Consultancy Australia

Secure success with professional coating consultancy Discovering the wide range of available coatings and finding the right one for a specified project is not as straightforward as one might think. It is not simply a matter of choosing a paint…
Concrete coating poured on a concrete floor

Concrete Coating Australia

Protection and looks with concrete coating Concrete has been used in construction for literal millennia. It is the reason for the survival of so many historical structures to this day. However, if not appropriately protected concrete will deteriorate…

Indestructible coating Australia

Indestructible coating - the first of its kind Indestructible coating is what the pentagon, truck bedliners, oil platforms in the Indian Ocean, and bulletproof vests have in common. Indestructible coating came to fame as a viral sensation thanks…
nature's water resistant coating repels water

Water resistant coating Australia

Industrial and architectural projects with water resistant coating Water resistance is a characteristic expected of many consumer goods, from shoes and fabrics to electronics and displays. It is also required from industrial machinery and architectural…
anti reflective coating and anti glare coating on laptop screen to prevent reflection

Anti reflective coating Australia

Anti reflective coating improves viewing conditions & eliminates reflection Glass is a solid part of our daily lives. From the displays and touchscreens we use to the windows that protect us from the elements in our homes and vehicles,…
swimming pool paint applied to a concrete pool

Swimming pool paint Australia

Special swimming pool paint makes your pool hygienic and safe Given the long pool season, it goes without saying that there are plenty of swimming pools across Australia; not only is it preferable to have a public pool nearby but to have one…
Cruse ship with marine coating on topside and underwater hull

Marine coatings Australia

Protect your vessel & increase safety on board with marine coating The term marine coating covers a group of coatings all intended for use in the maritime industry. These coatings include antifouling paints, deck paints, slip resistant…
black liquid rubber coating on a paint brush

Rubber coating Australia

Liquid rubber coating protects and waterproofs almost any surface Liquid rubber coating has been on the market for years now, but recent technological advances have both improved and expanded the range of rubber coatings available. While traditionally…
paint protection film perth highway

Paint protection film Perth

Paint protection film makes your car immune to small dents and scratches A paint protection film is a rather traditional way of protecting cars from weather and other environmental hazards. The film is traditionally made of thermoplastic urethane,…
powder coating prices for mass projects

Powder coating prices Australia

Looking for powder coating prices in Australia? - we have them! So, you are looking for powder coating prices and still wondering "how much does powder coating cost in Australia". Whether you need commercial-scale application, want your rims…
tank coating and tank liner applied on a storage tank

Tank coating

Suitable tank coating and tank liner saves time and money When it comes to protection, tanks present a series of difficulties. Not only does their exterior need to be protected from the environment, but their interior needs protection too…
industrial coatings on a bridge structure in Perth

Industrial coatings Perth

Need for industrial coatings in Perth Industrial coatings are in an important role in the Perth region due to the heavy industrial activity especially in Kwinana industrial area. An iron plant, other metal processing and fabrication plants…
automotive coatings

Automotive paint

Automotive coatings industry The automotive coatings industry consist of automotive paint coatings and vehicle refinishes. The latter refer to those suitable for paint repairs and thus, consumer use. Automotive coating applications for their…
Melbourne Skyline

Anti graffiti paint Melbourne

Anti graffiti paint in Melbourne Graffiti can be a problem for public and private property, removal can be a hassle but with a bit of help it can be easily done. Preventing graffiti can be achieved with a special coating or by using other preventive…
Sydney Skyline

Anti graffiti paint Sydney

Anti graffiti paint in Sydney Graffiti can be a problem for public and private property, removal can be a hassle but with a bit of help it can be easily done. Preventing graffiti can be achieved with a special paint or by using other preventive…
anti slip coating melbourne needed, warning sign

Anti slip coating Melbourne

Anti slip coating reduces the risk for slips and trips The most common cause of injuries at work are slippery floors and stairs. Therefore, it is crucial for the employer or property owner to minimise the risk. A possible solution is for example…
CIty of Perth, buildings, coatings and water

Garage floor coating Perth

A garage floor specialist provides you with the best coating When it comes to coating a garage floor, you as a garage owner (private or public) certainly want the job done well. And as fast as possible. A garage is continuously in use: it may…
Melbourne Skyline

Powder coating Melbourne

Powder coating in Melbourne As you know Melbourne, with a total of 4.3 million residents, has many steel and metal structures and infrastructure constructions, the West Gate Bridge is one of them. Powder coating is an advanced and popular method…
coating sydney

Coating industry in Sydney

There are many coatings operators in Sydney There are the well known large coating manufacturers such as BASF, Dulux, Hempel and Veolia; but also many local operators like: Advanced Powder Coatings & Sand Blasting, Blacktown (powder…
Melbourne Skyline

Intumescent paint Melbourne

Intumescent paint specialists and contractors Melbourne There are several intumescent paint specialists in Melbourne, did we miss your company? Please let us know!   Intumescent paint increases safety at work In Australia…
graffiti removal sydney maintains clean environment

Graffiti removal Sydney

Graffiti removal maintains clean environment in Sydney Graffiti is a form of street art; however, there are places where it does not belong and, where its artistic value is not appreciated. The parties that suffer the most from graffiti are…
Concrete coating applied in Perth in buildings

Concrete coating Perth

Let concrete coating jobs done by specialists Concrete coating is a broad concept which covers coatings for all concrete surfaces from floors to water tanks. Therefore, there are many different types of coatings that are suitable for concrete…
Melbourne Skyline

Roof coatings Melbourne

Roof coating & paint specialists in Melbourne See our overview of roof coating companies and services in Melbourne. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Is roof paint really worth it? -…
Sydney Skyline

Epoxy floor coating Sydney

Epoxy floor coating specialists in Sydney See our overview of epoxy floor coating companies and services in Sydney. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area. Create super strong flooring at home…
water droplets on a surface with nano coating

Nano coating Australia

Benefit from the water- & grease repelling properties of nano coating From food processing to automotive and from textile to exterior: a nano coating is useful in almost any sector. Not only do nano coatings seal the car lacquer but also…
anti slip coating

Anti slip coating Australia

Increase safety and prevent accidents with anti slip coating Slips and trips are a serious problem in Australia, both at home and in the workplace. They account for more than the third of all workplace injuries, and over 30% of regular accidents…
fire resistant coating

Fire resistant paint Australia

All you need to know about fire resistant paint Fire resistant paint, or other fireproof construction materials, have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, parking garages, public buildings and government buildings.…
Perth, buildings and water

Anti slip coating Perth

Anti slip coating improves employees' safety in Perth The number one reason for injuries at work are slips and falls most often on slippery surfaces such as floors, stairs, bridges and ramps. Anti slip coating remarkably reduces the risk of…
Melbourne Skyline

Fire resistant coating Melbourne

Fire protection in Melbourne Australia can be hostile when it comes to fire and flames. When a structure, whether it's a home or an office building, can be a fire trap if there are no precautions when it comes to fire protection. Not only sprays…
Melbourne Skyline

Ceramic coating Melbourne

Ceramic coating companies and services in Melbourne Are you looking for a ceramic coating or a service provider in or around Melbourne? See our overview of ceramic coating Melbourne based companies and services. In order to extend our reach,…
urine repellent paint applied on wall

Urine repellent paint Australia

Protect your property and walls with urine repellent paint Even though there are no specific laws that define public urination an offence punishable with a fine here in Australia, it certainly is a nuisance that decreases the appeal of the…
applying yellow powder coating for steel in australia

Powder coating Australia

A quick guide to powder coating essentials in Australia Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, not only in Australia, but worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and vehicles…
damaged roof to be fixed with roof paint

Roof paint Australia

Improve looks, increase value and extend life with roof paint A roof is one of the most important parts of a building. It protects the interior from the elements; wind, rain and importantly for Australia, sun. Your roof needs to be a solid…
yellow stairs on industrial epoxy floor in melbourne

Epoxy floors Melbourne

Epoxy floors is always a good idea No matter if you are searching for a new flooring for a production plant or you would like a new look in your living room - epoxy floor is a solution to consider. Epoxy is a durable resin which is perfectly…
aerospace coatings

Aerospace coatings

What is aerospace coating? Aerospace coating, or sometimes referred as aircraft paint, aircraft coating or aviation coating, include coatings for commercial and business aviation as well as for military air market, satellites and launch vehicles.…
water repellent coating hydrophobic coating

Water repellent coating Australia

Water repellent coating with nano technology Nanotechnology makes it possible to develop hydrophobic and superhydrophobic coating systems which repel water and other waterborne liquids. Often the superhydrophobic coatings also have oleophobic…
industrial coatings melbourne in industrial environment

Industrial coatings Melbourne

Industrial coatings - in house or outsourced Applying coatings is a standard part of many production processes. However, the coating process can be arranged in a couple of ways. You can either set up a coating line and coat in house or outsource…
hygienic coating in a restaurant

Hygienic coating Australia

Hygienic coating approved for the F&B industry In Australia, many industries deal with strict hygiene and other regulations for safety reasons. The food and beverage industry together with health care and chemical sectors are the most regulated…
fire rated paint for steel postpones collapsing

Fire rated paint for steel

Why fire rated paint for steel is a necessity in Australia Strength is one of the main reasons we use steel in building construction. Steel is a strong construction material, used in buildings across Australia from Sydney to Perth. However,…
polyurea coating on machine

Polyurea Coating Australia

Polyurea coating for protection in the most demanding environments Polyurea coating has been on the Australian market since the 1980s, but due to its durability, flexibility, and versatility new applications for this coating are being found…
floor coating in a library in australia

Floor coating Australia

Make sure to choose the right floor coating for optimal protection Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. The thin film floor coatings are usually not thicker than a millimetre,…
Coating inspection Australia

Coating Inspection Australia

Carry out a coating inspection to prevent costly problems Do it once, do it right; the cost of repairing a badly executed coating can be many times the cost to paint it in the first place. Problems can arise during the pre-treatment, application,…
anti corrosive paint would have saved the pipes

Anti corrosive paint

Protect steel structures with anti corrosive paint Anti corrosive paint acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, and increases its durability and lifespan. The roughly estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is trillions…
anti graffiti paint Australia

Anti graffiti paint Australia

Prevent unwanted graffiti and tagging with anti graffiti paint Anti graffiti coating forms a protective barrier on surfaces at risk of graffiti paint or permanent marker ink. The barrier makes sure that the paint or ink does not adhere to the…
Anti microbial floor paints applied in a hospital room

Anti Bacterial Floor Paints

Anti bacterial floor paints form the basis for health and safety at work The floor of a building is the part most vulnerable to bacteria, mould and fungi. Even frequent and thorough cleaning does not guarantee the floor is completely clean…
sherwin williams coatings in industrial structure

Sherwin Williams Coatings

Sherwin Williams taking over global paints and coatings Ohio-based company, Sherwin-Williams, was founded in 1866 when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams saw an opportunity to revolutionise the American industrial economy with paint ingredients-…
Painting quotes perth to keep this skyline neat

Painting quotes Perth

Be sure to get a painting quote before hiring a painter In Perth painting quotes are often requested due to the fact that homes and other buildings require repainting every now and then. The general weather conditions and UV radiation wear…
car with ceramic coating Adelaide

Ceramic coating Adelaide

Ceramic coating protects cars in Adelaide Ceramic coating as a car paint protection layer is one of the hypes of the moment among car owners. Naturally, cars receive a protective coating as a standard while they are manufactured; but ceramic…
Water tank linings rusty tank

Water Tank Linings

Keep water fresh and safe with Water Tank Linings Water Tank Linings are applied to the inside of a water tank to protect against leakage. But that's not all, it also makes sure the water is not be contaminated by rust (from erosion) and outer…
powder coating adelaide

Powder coating Adelaide

Powder coating in Adelaide As the popularity of powder coatings is still growing, the demand for powder coating services, also in Adelaide, is greater than ever. The success of powder coatings does not come as a surprise due to the fact that…