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coil coating

Coil coating – pre-treated metal for industrial use

Coil coating refers to the automated process that pre-paints metal before fabrication. Since its invention, more than 8 billion square meters of coated metal coil has been made. A famous example of architectural achievement in Australia is Sydney Opera House with its extraordinary shape.

Using pre-painted metal saves money across the supply chain and makes the manufacturing operation run smoother.  Productivity and yield are improved, while manufacturing, energy, inventory and financial costs are reduced. Coil coatings are thus efficient in terms of costs and production, and result in high quality sustainable products.


Since the process allows metals to be finished in one continuous pass, there is flexibility in coating the metal and the types of coatings. Both organic and inorganic coatings are applicable.

  • Polyesters, acrylics and vinyls
  • Epoxies
  • Plastisols
  • Waterborne emulsions
  • Fluorocarbons
  • Dry lubricants
  • Combinations or treatment and primer

It is possible to only apply the topcoat even though most often the applications consist of a combination of treatment and primer.Additionally, printing, striping and embossing coils for aesthetic motives is possible; these methods allow creating special visual effects.

Coil Coating australia

Coil coating paint manufacturers

Coil coating is an industrial process which requires a professional coil coating line and paint products. The coil coating paint is purchased in large volumes and supplied by many leading coating companies such as Akzo Nobel and Henkel. Most of the large companies produce solutions (paints, primers and laminates) for many types of metal including pretreated  coils. The pricing for coil coatings work purely on quotation bases.

Coil coating line

Metal coils are usually either aluminium or steel even though other metals are also possible. An aluminium coil weights from 5 to 6 tonnes whereas steel can even reach 20 tonnes. Both the top and bottom side of the metal surface (coil) passes through a unique coating formulation, made especially for the required finish. It exists of various ingredients such as cleaners, chemicals, top coats and primers. It also passes through different processes such as ovens (for curing) and packaging before recoiling The coil coating lines enable constant work; adding new coils without interrupting the line is no problem! Not only does this save time but also improves productivity.


Coil coating process

Coil coating line

Coil coating companies in Australia

The coil coating companies include all businesses which operations involve coil coatings. These include for example manufacturers of coating equipment, coatings or coated metals. In Australia one of the biggest manufacturer of coated aluminium coil is Alucoil Australia.

Alucoil Australia
43 Jesica Road, Campbellfield,
Melbourne, VIC, 3061, Australia
T: +613 9357 7047
F: +613 9357 7048

The coil coating line manufacturers in Australia include Bronx International, which is one of the world’s leading businesses in this sector. Therefore, most of the coil coating line supplies come from Bronx.

Bronx International Australia
111 Boundary Road,
Peakhurst NSW 2210 Australia
Tel: +61 2 9534 4233
Fax: +61 2 9534 4732

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