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Create super strong flooring at home or for heavy use

One of the most frequently used floor coatings is self leveling epoxy coating. It is called self leveling or self smoothing because it is based on a special blend of epoxy resin and hardener which allows it to float flawlessly on the surface. The chemical reaction that follows mixing the two components with a curing agent results in a smooth and glossy texture. Gravity does the rest and fills in gaps, low points and levels uneven floors.

Local flooring specialists in Australia

Floor coatings, also epoxies, are often applied by professional service providers. Most of the time they also provide the coating. However, it is not impossible to apply an epoxy resin floor coating by oneself. Therefore, here is a list of some Australian coating providers.

As you know Australia is a country with long distances between cities. Having a local flooring services would come in handy of course. See our overview of local epoxy floor coating specialists in your city:

  • Epoxy floor specialists in Sydney
  • Epoxy floor specialists in Perth
  • Epoxy floor specialists in Melbourne
  • Epoxy floor specialists in Brisbane

Smooth, hard and glossy garage floor

garage floor coating

Floor coating in a garage

A self smoothing epoxy coating is an excellent flooring solution for the garage. The smooth, hard and glossy finish makes the floor easy to clean. It additionally, withstands oil, grease and even chemicals and provides a scratch proof surface for heavy machinery or cars. It also prevents leveling problems that can cause the forming of water puddles.

Be sure to even out a very uneven substrate though, and make sure you use a thick enough overlay. The minimum thickness of the coating should be 1/4 inch or thicker. Any thinner and you risk the chance of trowel marks, dents, roller marks and other uneven shapes on the floor.

Advantages of epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating primers and finishes are a diverse line of industrial coatings. These have thus many properties suitable for a wide variety of uses and industries. Some are designed for use as primers, intermediate coats, or finish coats, whereas some excel as spot-coating solutions over existing coating systems. Epoxy coatings in general are often two part systems, which consist of an epoxy resin base and a curing agent.

In general, epoxy primers offer great barrier properties, and hence are useful when corrosion and chemical resistance are necessary. For this reason, they are often recommended for marine and immersion services, such as on offshore platforms, barges, refineries and power and petrochemical plants.

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When use epoxy resin floors

Generally, there are three possible applications for epoxy resin floor coating. Firstly, an epoxy resin also works fine as a primer; therefore it possible to apply it on uneven or damaged floor as a correcting component. Afterwards, a carpet or another top layer is applicable.Furthermore, it is possible to use an epoxy coating as a decorative floor coating; due to the fact that it is available in many colours. Additionally epoxy resin floors are very common in industrial buildings due to the fact that they resist many chemicals. They are also somewhat immune to mechanical abrasion and can bare heavy loads.

Next to epoxy flooring systems, also PU coatings are often used for similar purposes. However, epoxies have more advantages and a rather easy application procedure comparing with polyurethanes.

Recommended use of epoxy floor coatingantimicrobial coating

There are primarily three uses of self leveling epoxy floor coating. It is suitable for use as a corrective primer on uneven floors which are in need of damage reparation. It can also be applied as an overlay with decorative purposes; for example in residential, commercial and public buildings. However, it is also suitable for heavy duty applications in parking lots and factories, for instance.

An epoxy floor coating in general is a smooth surface which is easy to clean and resists abrasion, chemicals and heavy loads. These types of floor are sometimes referred as industrial floor coatings.

The few easy steps to apply floor coating

If you have prepared the surface properly with a primer or grinder, simply mix the compounds according to the manufacturers instructions. After this:

  1. Pour it on the floor
  2. Spread out the coating evenly with a spreader and/or roller
  3. Make use you use enough layers to comply with the advised thickness for your project
  4. Self leveling paint cost in Australia

Epoxy floor coating products available in Australia

Flowcoat CRHigh performance, solvent free, high chemical resistant, epoxy resin coating. Different grades of slip resistance can be achieved by inclusion of graded aggregate between coats.Charcoal Light Grey Dark Green Light Green Mid Blue Steel Blue Steel Grey Tile RedFlowcrete Australia Pty Ltd The Flooring Technology Centre Brisbane Office, Unit 2, 41 Deakin Street, Brendale, QLD, 4500
Flowcoat SKHigh performance resin flooring solution used to service the aviation and aerospace industries owing to its impressive resistance to Skydrol aviation fluid.Charcoal Light Grey Dark Green Light Green Mid Blue Steel Blue Steel Grey Tile RedFlowcrete Australia Pty Ltd The Flooring Technology Centre Brisbane Office, Unit 2, 41 Deakin Street, Brendale, QLD, 4500

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