Fire resistant coating Australia

fire resistant coating

Save lives with fire resistant coating

Flame or fire resistant coating belongs to the group of fire retardants, which are an important part of today’s fire protection. These coatings are somewhat immune to fire and therefore, ideal for increasing the endurance of structures also in cases of fire. Unfortunately, a 100% fireproof paint does not exist; yet the existing coatings can provide fire rating up to 90 (minutes), referring to the additional time for evacuation and escape.

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Suppliers and prices fire resistant coating Australia

fire resistant coating

In Austrlaia there are sevaral suppliers of fire resistant coatings such as Cap Coatings in New South Wales and Fire Defender in Queensland. The coatings can be purchased in special safety coating shops. However, some hardware stores might offer the products as well. The coatings are also available online.

The prices of the coatings are dependent on the substrate material and required quantity. For example fire resistant coating for wood costs about AUD 50 per litre. There are also  product packages for households including all necessary substances and application equipment. For instance the Thermo Gel home kit from Fire Defender.

Coatings for fireproofing

In Australia real estate owners and land lords as well as the building and construction industries have to follow strict regulations and provide safe and effective means of escape in cases of emergency. These emergencies include fire; fire safety is not limited to escape routes but evacuation time also plays a part. Therefore, fire retardant coating systems are in a key position in fire safety in private, public and commercial buildings. These coatings can help reach fire rating of 30, 60 or 90 in any building. Fire retardant paint thus prolongs the durability of structures under exposure to fire and extreme heat providing additional time to evacuate and escape burning buildings. Therefore, fire retardant paint is mandatory in the latest legal building regulations for public and commercial buildings.  Additionally more and more people in Australia choose to apply the coating in their homes; especially in areas where wildfires are common.

Types of fire retardant paint

fire retardant coating

Mainly there are two types of fire retardant coating products; intumescent coatings and fire resistant paint. The main difference between these two is that the first one protects from fire by forming a foamy insulating char cover, and the other one does the same by releasing flame damping gasses. These coatings can also be applied in one system to maximise insulation and protection against heat and flames.

Fire and extremely high temperatures activate such a coating system; the fire resistant top coat starts to release flame damping gas and the underlying intumescent coating insulates the surface by expanding and forming an insulating char layer.

Protect any surface from fire and flames

The advanced, easy to apply and cost effective fire retardant coating are applicable on:

fire retardant coating


fire retardant coating

Painted surfaces

fire retardant coating

Metal (steel)

fire retardant coating


fire retardant coating


Fireproofing for steel

When exposed to high temperatures  steel structures lose their capacity to withstand heavy loads; this may lead the building collapsing. On steel fire retardant coating can provide fire protection up to 90 minutes.

Protect wood or timber structures

Wood is one of the fastest burning materials but it can receive an upgrade to withstand fire for 30 or even 60 minutes longer with fireproof paint.

Concrete flame resistant

has fire retardant properties itself. However, the coating is likely to provide protection and let the concrete surface retain its strength for longer.

In Australia transparent fire retardant coatings are applied for example on Sydney Harbour Bridge and National Gallery of Victoria.

Fire retardant paint applications

Fire retardant coatings can be applied in factory as prefabrication, on site directly on the installed substrate or off site before installation. Prefabrication is the simplest option due to the fact that one does not need to apply the coating; for it is already an integral part of the material. When it comes to on site and off site applications, off site applications are preferable in new building; the application is namely cleaner and keeps the site clean. On site applications, for their part, are preferable only when painting on existing, installed walls, ceilings or other structures. In on site and off site applications the method is usually an airless spray; but it is also possible to apply the coatings with a brush a roller.

The application may seem easy but especially in public and commercial buildings, it is a specialist job. Strict building and fire prevention regulations have to be followed and the fire retardancy has to be calculated for each and every material. The applicators also provide certificates after application. These may come in handy especially in dealing with insurance policies. The certificate guarantees that the specialist has applied the coating the right way and also tells you how long the construction will withstand fire. You can communicate this with the local fire department if necessary.

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