Intumescent paint can give vital time for firefighters to get a blaze under control.

Intumescent paint is passive fire protection and insulation

Australia is a country renowned for its ability to burn. Bushfires represent an ever-increasing threat as summers get longer and more severe, but Australian fire crews also report to about 20,000 structural fires every year. As well as active fire protection measures like fire extinguishers and smoke alarms, there are also fireproof paints. Fireproof paint is a form of passive fire protection that includes two different coating types – fire retardant paint (which emits flame-damping gases to halt fire spread) and intumescent paint.

When exposed to the heat of a fire, intumescent paint expands or swells to up to 50 times its original thickness and forms a layer of foam-like char. This works to protect a substrate from fire in two ways:

  1. The char is very slow burning – this provides up to 120 minutes of extra time for firefighters to get the situation under control and for buildings to evacuate.
  2. The char is insulating – this protects the substrate from being damaged by the heat of the fire and, in the case of steel, prevents it heating to temperatures above 300°C where it begins to lose structural strength

In this article we look intumescent coatings and the benefits they provide for a property, and where to find trained professional intumescent paint applicators in Australia.

The many benefits of intumescent paint

The benefits of a coating that insulates a substrate from the devastating effects of fire are clear to see. Intumescent paint:

Intumescent paint on ceilings, walls, and structural elements upgrades the fire resistance of a building.

Intumescent paint can be applied across a range of surfaces and substrates.

  • Provides vital extra time for evacuation and fire crews – The coating adds 30, 60, 90, and up to 120 minutes of fire resistance to a substrate depending on the film thickness. This allows more time for fire detection, building evacuation, and for fire crews to get the blaze under control.
  • Protects the substrate from structural weakening and collapse – Steel weakens above temperatures of 300°C, and it is this that leads to structural collapse and endangers firefighters’ lives. Intumescent paint reacts at temperatures of approximately 200°C, insulating the substrate from the heat extremes.
  • Is easy to apply – Intumescent paint is applied by spray at varying film thicknesses, can be solvent- or water-based, on-site or off-site, and can be overpainted if required.
  • Is applicable across a range of substrates – Suitable for wood, plaster, concrete, steel, other metals, brick, and more. Thin film intumescent paint is used to protect heritage buildings while also preserving the original look and heritage values of the property.

Fire resistance and building type

The fire resistance requirements of your building depend upon a range of factors. Building use and building height are the two most important factors. High rise buildings with high occupancy have high fire resistance requirements, as do hospitals.

The Building Code of Australia lists the Fire Resistance Levels by lengths of time for different building types, including hospitals. Intumescent coatings can provide these FRLs. For example, a 90/30/60 FRL means an element must achieve a fire resistance level of 90 minutes for structural adequacy, 30 minutes for integrity and 60 minutes for insulation.

The following table provides you with an indication of the fire resistance requirements of different building types.

FIRE RATING requirementBuilding heightExamples
Not specified or 30 minutesLower than 5 metres: non-residential buildingsOffices, shops, and company facilities
60 minutes Lower than 5 metres: residential buildingsHotels, apartments, and health care centres
90 minutesLower than 13 metres: residential buildings Higher than 13 metres: non-residential buildingsSchools, hotels, blocks of flats, and prisons
120 minutesHigher than 13 metres: residential buildings and buildings with high risk factorSchools, hospitals, and blocks of flats; libraries, archives and industrial premises

Intumescent paint suppliers and contractors in Australia

Intumscent paint should always be applied by a professional. A trained contractor can provide effective and Standards-compliant coating that is certified and meets all requirements. There are intumescent painting contractors and businesses across the country, and we have pages covering the services available in SydneyPerth, and Melbourne. Below is a sample list of intumescent painting contractors and businesses in Australia.

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Intumescent Paint CompanyLocationServices Offered
CAP Fire Rated CoatingsEttalong Beach, NSW 2257Intumescent paint suppliers for plasterboard, fibrous plaster, cement sheet, pressed metal, timber, PU foam, and concrete.
Direct BlastSouth Guildford, WA 6055Intumescent coating services for steel using Nullifire products.
ExfireBatemans Bay (NSW), Yarra Junction (VIC), Midvale (WA)Intumescent paint suppliers for interior and exterior applications on timber, fences, power poles, and other substrates requiring bushfire resistance.
Greyton Passive Fire ProtectionGladesville, NSW 2111Intumescent coating services for structural steel including heritage steel.
Mike Bailey Paint GroupShepparton/Mooroopna and Melbourne, VictoriaInternal and external fire resistant coating contractors (including intumescent coatings) for 60 and 90 minute protection

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