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Nanotechnology for coatings

Nanotechnology has been around since the 1970’s, and new ways of profiting from it are constantly found. The technology allows extremely durable nanocoatings to exist. These coatings are not sealers but rather molecular modifications which result in water and dirt repelling easy-to-clean surfaces. Nanocoat is common in many industries such as:

  • Aerospace (including commercial and civil aviation)
  • Automotive
  • Glass manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Electronics

Also do-it-yourself applications are becoming more and more popular. One can apply nanocoatings for example on car windows, bathrooms (shower cabins) and screens. There are also nano coatings which are suitable for textiles such as clothes and shoes. These coatings are especially handy when you want to make your clothes or shoes water proof.

Benefits of nanocoatings

Nanocoatings are so commonly used due to their many positive properties. They

  • Give complete protection against wear
  • Protect the surface from corrosion
  • Repel water, dirt and oils
  • Are resistant to most chemicals and acids
  • Are invisible to the human eye: thus protecting the surface does not change its appearance
  • Create a breathable and flexible protection layer and are suitable for a wide range of substrates

DIY Nano coating for glass and windows

Nowadays, glass is a common construction material for example on roofs, walls and windows. The appearance of glass surfaces is appealing however, only when they are free from stains and dirt. Glass surfaces are difficult to keep clean and often laborious to clean. Fortunately, special nano coating for glass can remarkably reduce these problems. Nano coating spray for glass makes the surfaces hydrophobic (water repellent) and immune to dirt and stains. Therefore, nano coatings are sometimes called self-cleaning coatings due to the fact that they require minimum cleaning and other maintenance. Nano coatings for glass are usually effective up to 5 years.

  1. Prepare for the nano coating application by opening windows and doors for good ventilation and removing all dirt and dust from the surface. The better you clean the surface, the better coating result you will have at the end.
  2. Dry the surface using a canvas or paper cloth. A lint free cloth is the best for it does not leave tracks of dust on the surface.
  3. Many DIY nano coating systems include a special cleaning product. In that case apply the product on the surface according to the instructions.
  4. Dry the surface properly.
  5. Apply the nano coating spray on the surface according to the instructions given in the product packaging.
  6. Avoid surface exposure to water for the first 10 minutes after application. After that, the glass surface is effectively protected from dirt and corrosion!

Nano coatings in Australia

In Australia, there are several suppliers on nano coating sprays and other DIY nano coating products. These include Nanoman and NanoShop. The latter has for example provided the innovative nano coating for the Art Gallery in Perth.

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