Pee back coating Australia

Pee back coating

What is pee back coating?

Anti pee paint or pee back coating contributes to a cleaner environment by reducing the nuisance of public urination. The coating forms a water repellent barrier on the substrate which allows any liquid splashed on it bounce back towards the source; thus the name pee back coating. Anti urine coating applications are suitable on walls and in alleys especially there where public urination is a problem.

The technology behind pee repellent paint

Anti pee paint is a superhydrophobic coating with oleophobic properties. This means that only does the surface repel water but is also immune to oils and grease stains. Such a coating is possible only on basis of nanotechnology, which allows forming an invisible (transparent) barrier with repellent properties. Anti urine coating does not let the urine soak in to the surface and also protects the surface from any other stains.

Anti pee paint can significantly reduce cleaning costs resulting from public urination due to the fact that less cleaning is needed. Additionally, the pee back coating is expected to decrease public urination in general. When there is a chance to get urine on one’s pants and shoes, taking a leak in public is suddenly not so tempting.

Pee back coating australia

Where to buy anti pee coating in Australia?

The anti urine technology is a rather new invention; therefore, the availability is no yet very wide. However, Ultra Ever Dry, one of the first parties to experiment with superhydrophobic wall coatings, offers its products also in Australia. Nevertheless, at this time, the products are only available for industrial use.

Pee back coating Australia: Gold Coast council fights against public urination

The Gold Coast City Council is weighing up a novel solution to the problem of people peeing on the city’s streets. The council is considering a special kind of paint for solving the problem; pee back coating! The anti urine paint has a design to splash urine back on sneaky leakers. It might also encourage people to do the right thing and not wee in public. The German city of Hamburg is already using the paint in the St Pauli nightclub district, where walls in urination hot spots have pee back paint, and signs erect warning: “Don’t pee here. We pee back”.

Gold Coast councillor Lex Bell told local media the liquid repellent paint was an interesting idea. He also said he would take it to council officers for consideration. “I shall pass that on to the officers for consideration; and we well might write to Hamburg and ask them about it too,” he reportedly said. Unfortunately, the paint is not cheap; it costs about $700 to cover an area of 6 square metres. However, it should be money well spent for the paint job sends a direct message back to perpetrators; their public urinating on this wall is not welcome. The paint job is definitely worth the trouble for the walls do not need daily cleaning, the smell disappears and the appearance improves.

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