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Powder coating is a dry finishing process that has become extremely popular since its introduction in Australia in the 1960’s. It is more durable than the traditional liquid coatings and it allows more efficient production through different application methods. Additionally, powder coatings are more eco friendly due to the fact that they do not contain any solvents meaning that they has zero VOC content.

Powder coating companies and services in Australia

If you are looking to powder coat objects like rims, other car parts, fences, panels and privacy screens, office shelving, equipment, wheels or anything else, there are many powder coating services and facilities across Australia.

  • Powder coating services & facilities in the Sydney area (NSW)
  • Powder coating services & facilities in the Melbourne area (Bayswater, East & West)
  • Powder coating services & facilities in the Perth area (WA)
  • Powder coating services & facilities in the Brisbane area (Northside & Southside)

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Powder for maximising production

Nowadays, powder coatings represent over 15% of the total industrial finishing market. They are also suitable for many surfaces and objects, which increase their popularity. It can be a functional (protective) or decorative finish due to the fact that powder coatings are available in an almost limitless range of colours and textures, and functional properties. Technological advancements have resulted in further excellent performance properties.

The powder coating process

In principle, there are two types of powder coating applications: (1) thermosets and (2) thermoplastics.

The application of the latter happens in a fluid bed application usually in professional facilities. Thermoplastic powder softens and eventually melts when it is heated. In the fluid bed application the powder is thus in a liquid form and the heated object is dipped into the liquid powder.

The coating floats smoothly off onto the object reaching also the most difficult edges and corners. Sometimes the coating layer requires additionally post curing depending on the quality and type of the powder. The following video gives a more into detail description of fluid bed application.

Man powder coating objects in Australia

The other type of powder coatings, thermosets are applied in an electrostatic spray deposition on a grounded object. The special spray gun gives electrostatic charge to the powder which then becomes attracted to the grounded object and enables forming of a flawless coating. The thermosets, however, must be cured afterwards. This takes place in a curing oven in about 400 degrees Celcius.

Advantages of using powder coating

Powder coating produces a high specification coating which is relatively hard, abrasion resistant (depending on the specification) and tough. Thin powder coatings are bendable (only thermoplastics). However, this is not recommendable for exterior applications.

Powder coatings can be applied over a wide range of thickness. The new Australian Standard, “AS/NZS 4506 – Thermoset powder coatings”, will recommend 25 micron minimum for mild interior applications and up to 60 micron minimum for exterior applications. Care must be exercised when quoting minimum thickness because some powder will not give “coverage” below 60 or even 80 micron. “Coverage” is the ability to cover the colour of the metal with the powder. Some of the white colours require about 75 micron to give full “coverage”. Therefore, powder coatings are more common in applications that require a thick coating layer.

Applying powder coating on steel or metal surfaces

Powder coating applications are rather complex and require specific equipment. However, it is possible to conduct them at home (with the right knowledge and equipment). The application takes place with an electrostatic spray deposition, which requires thus a spray gun. After spraying, the coating is cured in a preferably powder coating oven. Another oven is also suitable but do NOT use the same oven for cooking ever after curing powder coating in it.

Follow these 8 steps to apply powder coating on almost any object

  1. Scrape off all traces of corrosion from the object. Use a lint free cloth to make sure no fibers stick to the surface.
  2. Make sure the object is completely dry and dust free. Then hang the object on a hook and attach the earth clamp. NOTE that good earthing /grounding of the object is necessary. Otherwise you will not reach the ideal coverage.
  3. Turn the flow screw of the spray gun clockwise (closed position). Point the gun tip away from the object and pull the trigger fully. Gradually unscrew the flow screw so that the powder exits the tip as a cloud.
  4. Point the spray gun at the object, about 200 mm away. Apply powder by pulling the trigger. Make sure that the coating is equal in all parts. It is wise to coat all inside corners first due to the fact that full coverage is not possible if coated as last.
  5. Remove the earth clamp and also coat the area where there is no paint yet.
  6. After applying the powder, take the object, on the hook, to the oven. Be sure not to rub off the powder!
  7. Cure the object by reaching the recommended surface temperature. The curing process usually takes 10 to 15 minutes.
  8. After curing, the powder coating process is completed.

Available colours of powder coating

The choice of colours and finishes is almost limitless, if you have the time and money to have the powder produced by the powder manufacturer. The possibilities are in fact the same as for liquid paints. However, powder coatings are more colour fast and retain their gloss longer than other types of coating. The powder coatings usually receive their colours through colour pigments in the mixture. These are added during the production of the coating powder. However, also adding metal powder (usually aluminium) enables creating metallic colours. Furthermore, sometimes instead of metal powder, fine ceramic particles are added.

This results in for example pearlescent coatings common in the automotive industry. Pearlescent coatings are also available as vehicle refinishes for the consumers.

powder coating colours

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