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Is roof paint really worth it? – Yes it is!

In the recent years the popularity of roof coating and roof paint has been increasing in Australia. Consequently, the number of roof painters is growing. Roof is one of the most important parts of your house and counts for about 40% of the exterior surface. Therefore, you do not want to use any coating or any roof painting service for the job; when the job is well done, coating is beneficial, however, a poor  quality paint and sloppy application may turn out very costly.

Hereis why you should use roof paints:

  1. Protecting roofs
  2. Improving the looks of roofs
  3. Increasing the value of the house

There are additionally several newer roof paints with special properties such as self cleaning and light reflection.

Roof coating products for painters

Next to expertise and equipment, roof painters are dependent on high quality products. The traditional colour fast, durability increasing products may however, be not enough for today’s client. The roof coating market has been experimenting with nano technology, which has resulted in several functional roof coatings.

  • Heat reflective roof coating which reflects heat from the surface and does not allow the temperature inside the house rise that fast. For example Nutech Paint ‘s NXT Cool Zone promises the interior to stay 10°C cooler than the outside air temperature.
  • Self cleaning roof paint which keeps the surface clean thanks to its water and oil repelling properties. This increases the durability of the rood and significantly reduces the need for roof cleaning.

Tile roof paint

Concrete is the most common material of roof tiles. The myth is that they need sealing and painting due to the fact that they absorb rain water. This is NOT the case! Concrete itself is porous and does absorb water, however, the roof tiles are pre-treated and non-porous. Thus, they don nor require a counting. Nonetheless, a coating can is beneficial if you are planning to sell your house of  if you simply are fed up with dirty tiles and faded colour.

Roof paint products and average prices

The costs for roof painting is by conductor often includes product and service costs. Often only coating is not possible, but the roof first requires cleaning and inspection of damage as well as potential replacing of tiles. When planning a roof painting job, it is wise to request three or more quotes to form an image of your options and the prices. The roof cleaning costs are often between AUD 500 and AUD 800 the price for the coating job varies from few hundred dollars up to around AUD 1000.

It is also possible to purchase the paint from a warehouse or online and conduct the job by oneself to save in costs. If you decide to coat your roof by yourself be sure to take appropriate safety measures.

  • Dulux Roof & Trim 10L Surfmist Exterior – AUD 213
  • NanoProtect SC-96 Clear Protective Coating 15 L – AUD 294

Pros and cons of roof coatings

The advantages of roof paint include improving aesthetics and increasing property value. Additionally, depending on the coating they may remarkably increase the durability of the surface. Some parties claim that roof coating needs frequent maintenance which may turn out expensive. However, this is directly linked to the product quality and guaranteed life expectancy. There are low cost options which last 5 years before they require maintenance; but there are also higher quality (and price) solution which last up to 15 years without maintenance. Some companies even offer warranties in writing for 10 years. These often include no cracking, peeling or flaking, good adhesion and no change in colour over time.

Roof coating specialists in Australia

We in Australia are always looking for local suppliers or specialists when it comes to paints and coatings. Just check one of our city related information and contact your local roof coating specialist.

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