Anti Climb Paint

When applied to your walls anti climb paint prevents vandals from scaling them.

Non-drying anti climb paint for vandalism prevention

Every year hundreds of thousands of Australians a victims of unlawful entry crimes, and the vast majority of these crimes is experienced in residential locations. If you are concerned for the safety of your property, or are tired of vandals accessing your property with ease, you need a vandal deterrent like anti climb paint. Anti climb paint is a “non-drying” coating system which forms a thick and oily surface layer over whatever it is painted on. This greasy and slippery surface makes it difficult for intruders to gain foothold on the surface. To look at, anti climb paint resembles a layer of smooth glossy paint; it is only when touched that you can tell all is not as it seems.

In this article we describe the benefits and application of anti vandal paint, and where you can find products in Australia.

Protect your property with anti vandal paint

The benefits of an anti vandal paint may seem self explanatory, but it does more than just make a wall slippery. You can use it to protect your home, or it also works for commercial buildings, schools, depots, factories, churches, and more:

  • It can be applied to walls, downpipes, poles, roof tiles, brick, concrete… anything an intruder might think to climb
  • If the intruder keeps on trying, anti climb paint will stick to their hands, clothes, anything that touches it – and conveniently leave fingerprints
  • It is unaffected by either the heat or the cold, as well as being water repellent
  • It doubles up as a grafitti proof coating, as graffiti can simply be rubbed into the non drying paint

Anti climb paint application process

Anti climb paint is easy to apply, but you need to be very careful about getting it on any surface you do not want to make permanently slippery. To avoid splashes it is best to apply the coating with a brush or with a renderer’s mitt, rubbing the coating into place – thick layers are best. You will probably need to throw away the brush/glove/clothing that gets splashed. The coating comes in black, brown, green, and beige.

The rules for applying anti-climb paint

anti climb paint

Anti vandal paint comes with a recommended minimum application height of 2.5m. This is because any lower and there is a chance of accidentally touching it, either for you or for an innocent passerby.

Once you have applied the coating you need to use a clear warning sign to inform people that anti climb paint has been applied. This acts as a further deterrent, but also a property occupier has a duty of care for those who enter their property. It is always best to dot every i and cross every t when it comes to liability.

If you have any questions about the legality of the coating and where you apply it, contact your local police station for advice.

Anti climb paint products and availability in Australia

Australia currently only has one company providing anti climb paint. That is the “StopClimb” brand, who market their product as StopClimb Non-Drying Paint in every state and territory except for Queensland, where it is “ProtectAll”.  If vandalism is a problem for your property, you may also want to check out our graffiti protection coating page, or our urine repelling paint page.

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  1. Tom
    Tom says:

    Hi there
    Can you
    Please advise can sizes, price and coverage please. Do you have this available in Perth by any chance

    Cheers Tom

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Tom,

      Thank you for your request about anti climb paint. We will send you an email to answer your question.

      Best regards,
      Jasmin –

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Sandra,

      Thank you for your question about anti vandal paint. You will receive an email from us containing more information on where to buy anti climb paint.

      Best regards,
      Jasmin –

  2. Stuart clarke
    Stuart clarke says:

    Is this available in New Zealand? Auckland in particular but anywhere over here would be good. Cheers Stuart

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear Stuart,

      Unfortunately this product is not currently available across the ditch. Though Resene once produced an anti climb paint called Resene Sentinel, they have stopped manufacturing it. Hopefully another product will fill that gap sometime soon.

      Rhiannon –


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