Become an approved applicator with a powder coating certification from renowned brands

Nothing says ‘quality assured’ like a powder coating certification

Powder coating is a growing market, with new businesses appearing every day. New businesses and established businesses alike need to find ways to stand out from the crowd in order to survive. Customers want quality, trust, and guaranteed performance from their coating provider, and nothing impresses that triad upon a potential customer like powder coating certification and accreditation. An approved applicator for a renowned powder coating manufacturer not only receives the kudos of the association, they are also able to provide other benefits to their customers that the unaccredited powder coaters cannot.

Here you will find out what it means to be an approved applicator, and how to become an approved applicator in Australia. 

Why you should become an approved applicator

As well as presenting a trustworthy and skilled face to customers, accreditation as an approved applicator comes with benefits for the powder coater, too. These benefits include:

  1. Approved applicators can offer performance warranties using products from their brand. Many brands will only provide their warranty powder products to powder coaters with the appropriate approval.
  2. Ongoing assessments keep pre-treatment and application processes up to date. Manufacturers understandably want to protect the reputation of their product. Approved applicators are therefore assessed against comprehensive criteria on an ongoing basis to ensure their pre-treatment and application procedures meet high quality standards.
  3. Accreditation proves adherence to global and national standards. One of the requirements of an approved applicator is adherence to global architectural and protective standards.

Being the public face of a company gives your business distinction, and they will ensure that the products they provide, and the service you offer, are up to their high standards. It brings a degree of trust and quality assurance to any business.

What becoming an Interpon approved applicator means

Depending on their product range, powder coating manufacturers provide different levels of accreditation. “Approved applicator” refers not to the full range but to certain certified levels. For example, we have the Interpon approved applicator accreditation levels, based on their powder coating range. Approved applicators are qualified to apply the Interpon D warranty range (for architectural aluminium), the Metaplex warranty range, and the Steelplex warranty range:

  1. Interpon D Approved Applicators
    Interpon D is a warranty-grade powder coatings range engineered specifically for architectural aluminium applications. Interpon D Approved Applicators meet the standards to apply and warrant these products, guaranteeing:
    Bronze Approved Applicators – 10 year film integrity warranty, 10 year colour retention warranty
    Gold Approved Applicators – 20 year film integrity warranty, 15 year colour retention warranty
    Platinum Approved Applicators – 30 year film integrity warranty, 20 year colour retention warranty
  2. Metaplex Approved Applicators
    Metaplex® systems offer up to 15 years performance warranty for steel and non-architectural aluminium applications. Approved applicators can offer warranties using Interpon D and Interpon 200 products.
    Standard Approved Applicators – 10 year film integrity warranty, 10 year colour retention warranty
    Commercial Approved Applicators15 year film integrity warranty, 10/15 year colour retention warranty
  3. Steelplex™ Approved Applicators
    Steelplex™ warranty systems offer up to 15 years for steel and non-architectural aluminium applications for corrosion protection, color retention and film integrity.
    Ruby Approved Applicators – 10 year performance warranty and 3 year corrosion protection warranty
    Diamond 5 Approved Applicators – 15 year performance warranty and 5 year corrosion protection warranty
    Diamond 10 Approved Applicators – 15 year performance warranty and 10 year corrosion protection warranty

An applicator with a higher accreditation can apply and offer warranties on lower category products, but not vice versa. Warranties cannot be provided by applicators who are not approved.

How to become an approved applicator

Becoming part of a network of approved applicators is as simple as applying online. In order to be accredited, the manufacturer will assess you against comprehensive criteria. You may be required to provide sample checks displaying your coating application skills and capabilities for the manufacturer to test against their stringent requirements. Your product application needs to meet warranty standards at all times.

If you meet the quality standards for metal pre-treatment facilities, powder application equipment, and stoving facilities, as well as sufficient quality management procedures, you have met much of the criteria for becoming an approved applicator.

Interested in becoming an approved applicator for Interpon powder coating? Get in touch and our experts will connect you with the next step in the process. Just use the contact form through the “Request a Quote” button beneath this article and tell us what kind of accreditation you would like to get the ball rolling.