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The Trends Shaping Smartphone Coatings

Smartphone coatings trends drive innovation and the market The world of consumer electronics is dynamic and ever-changing. With device lifecycles growing shorter, new technologies changing the game every ten minutes, and design trends quickly approaching fashion-world seasonal flux, standing still will quickly have you left behind. All of this is particularly true of smartphones where […]

The Power of Consumer Electronics Coatings

How consumer electronics coatings go beyond just decoration Consumer choices are no longer determined by the products available at their local store. The Internet provides a world of products and comparisons at our fingertips, so it is no surprise that what consumers expect is quality. These high standards mean products need to be on trend, […]

How to Paint a Room Like a Pro

Paint a room the right way with our step-by-step guide There’s a reason we put off those painting jobs for years. Though picking out a colour and arguing about whether or not to have a feature wall may fill us with joy, the actual act of painting a room is faced with far less enthusiasm. […]

Paint Remover for Metal

Finding the best paint remover for metal and how to use it at home Whether you want to respray or repaint your metal furniture, renew defective coatings from motorcycle and bike parts, recoat a tank, or remove graffiti stains, the first step when you strip paint from metal at home is to use a paint […]

The Total Yacht Paint Guide

A deep dive into the world of yacht paints Above and below the waterline there are a wide variety of coatings working hard to keep your yacht looking and performing its best. “Yacht paint” is the umbrella term for all these coatings used as protection and decoration from bow to stern. These coatings include primers, […]

Commercial Antifouling Hull Coatings

Commercial hull coatings cut fuel use and decrease CO2 emissions We live in an age of shipping. 80% of global trade by volume, and over 70% by value, is carried out by sea, carried through trade routes and handled through ports across the world. The global marine fleet with all its passenger ships, ro-ro vessels, […]

Foul Release Coatings

Foul release coatings prevent biofouling without copper Biofouling is a serious issue that has afflicted vessels for as long as humanity has taken to the sea. The ancient Greeks are known to have used tar, wax and even lead sheathing to protect their ship bottoms, the Endeavour used tar and hair, and Britain’s Royal Navy […]

Finding the Right White Paint for Your Interior Walls

How to choose the best white paint for your home Australians love our white walls. Fresh, light, and uplifting, white wall paint can take a room from drab to design with a simple coat of Dulux. However, upon searching “white paint” you will quickly find yourself lost in the mire that is the world of […]

Milk Paint Furniture for Antique Charm

Milk paint – 100% natural and charming Milk paint is the 100% natural cousin to chalk paint that is muscling in on the furniture painting scene. Technically not at all new, the process behind milk paint has been used for thousands of years. Nowadays it is the richly pigmented competitor currently taking over for furniture, […]

How to Choose the Right Grey Paint for Your Home

The best grey paint matches the room’s light, size and use Though Australians love their crisp white walls a new contender is muscling in for the title of favourite neutral. Grey paint is winning people over with its ability to vary from subtle and calm to warm and strong while creating a luxurious and spacious […]

Clear Epoxy Resin – Epoxy Casting Resin

Cast jewellery, seal tables and make art with clear epoxy resin Everyone has seen those tabletops decorated with embedded pennies, or the collections of resinated insects quietly waiting for their revenge in their shiny clear epoxy prison. It seems like everyone has a clear epoxy resin craft project in the works. Whether it is a […]

How to Paint Furniture with Chalk Paint

Chalk paint furniture to bring it back to life Do you hate that old dresser with the scratches and dings? Or maybe that dated coffee table no longer works with your scheme, or the stains on the sideboard get you down. If you look at a tired bit of furniture and ache to replace it […]

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion under insulation – the hidden damage with the high cost Though it may go unseen, it does not go unnoticed. Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) is an insidious problem causing billions of dollars of damage and loss every single year. It is of grave concern facility owners, plant operators, engineers, and workers across industry, from […]

The Paint Supplies Guide – What You Need

Finally tackle that DIY project with the Paint Supplies Guide Whether you have just moved into a new house and can’t wait to get started making it a home, or maybe you’ve been saying “we’ll get that done this weekend” for the past decade – everyone has a DIY painting project waiting to be done. […]

How to Remove Antifouling Effectively

All the tricks you need to remove antifouling There is no getting round it; removing antifouling is hard, dirty work. But when you pull your boat out of the water to find the antifouling looking rough as guts with excessive layer buildup, cratering, peeling, flaking, or blisters appearing across the hull, you can’t put it […]

Polyaspartic Coating

Polyaspartic coating provides fast, reliable, durable protection Polyaspartic coating may be the new kid on the block when it comes to polymeric coatings, but it is rapidly gaining in popularity due to its range of attractive and versatile properties. It is rapid curing (from 5 minutes to 2 hours), can be applied in a range […]

Powder Coating Warranty and Industry Standards

Understand your powder coating warranty and industry standards When you specify a powder coating there are several considerations you need to make, and standards that you need to understand, in order to avoid the pitfalls of overconfidence. Powder coating is a high performance, durable, and effective coating, but that does not mean it is one-size-fits-all. […]

Powder Coating Supplies + Equipment

A guide to all the essential powder coating supplies and equipment Having the best tools for the job is an important part of providing top quality service and powder coating application. The best tools for the job in powder coating include equipment for the pre-treament, application, and curing stages of a job. With the right […]

Approved Applicator Powder Coating Certification

Nothing says ‘quality assured’ like a powder coating certification Powder coating is a growing market, with new businesses appearing every day. New businesses and established businesses alike need to find ways to stand out from the crowd in order to survive. Customers want quality, trust, and guaranteed performance from their coating provider, and nothing impresses […]

Powder Coating Troubleshooting Guide

When powder coating goes wrong – how to trace the problem Coating failures happen. When they do, it is important to trace the cause of the problem as quickly as possible and to remedy it. Powder coating problems can be caused by issues with pre-treatment, powder supply, powder application, curing, or equipment. By looking at […]

Powder Coating Quality Control

Powder coating quality control testing every step of the way Through powder manufacture, application, and coating performance, testing is an important part of ensuring powder coating quality control. Testing by powder manufacturers is important because once the powder reaches the applicator it cannot be adjusted. Testing by applicators is important to guarantee a successful coating […]

Powder Coating Process 101: Application Methods

The most common application methods for the powder coating process Powder coating is a versatile and high performance coating, not just in durability and protective properties, but also in application methods. Whatever the part that needs coating, there is a powder coating process that will suit the application. The two main powder coating application methods […]

Powder Coating Colours Australia

The world of powder coating colours at your fingertips Whether we are conscious of it or not, colour has an enormous effect upon us in our daily lives. The colour you choose for your project can be brand-defining (such as Yves Klein’s iconic International Klein Blue), can reflect the trends and spirit of the times, […]

Order Powder Coating Sample Panels

Ordering free powder coating sample panels – finishes & colour charts With such a wide range of possible options, choosing a powder coating finish for a project can seem overwhelming. The information you need before you order your powder coating sample are: Colour – Manufacturers provide stock colour charts to guide designers and fabricators in […]

Colour of the Year 2019 – The Most Popular Paint Colours

The colour trend predictions are here for 2019 Though 2018 feels like it has barely started (wait, it’s what month?!), the paint colour trends for 2019 have already begun pouring out of our favourite coating brands. Gone are last year’s millennial pinks and ultra violets (thanks, Pantone), replaced instead with a return to earth- and […]

FBE Coating – Fusion Bonded Epoxy

Combat corrosion and protect your substrate with FBE coating One of the biggest challenges facing industry is corrosion. It eats away at trillions of dollars every year, up to 3-4% of gross national product in developed countries. Metal is the backbone of so many industries, from oil and gas to construction, and it is of […]

How to Remove Powder Coating

How to remove powder coating – the complete guide It might be due to a coating failure, the need to update and refinish, or cleaning racks and hangers after a successful coating, but sometimes you need to strip a coating. Though its durability is one of its greatest strengths, it is possible to remove powder […]

DLC Coating – Diamond-Like Carbon

DLC coating – because nothing is harder than diamond Diamond-like carbon coating, otherwise known as DLC coating or amorphous carbon coating, is the name given to a range of thin-film hard coatings used to protect, strengthen, and enhance various parts from drill bits to the engines of racecars and medical devices. DLC coatings can be […]

Conformal Coating

Conformal coating keeps circuit boards protected From submarines to the Mt Stromlo observatory, traffic lights to the scoreboard at the MCG, circuitry keeps day-to-day life ticking over smoothly. However, circuit boards are delicate, affected by moisture, salt, chemicals, ranging temperatures, dust, and other contaminants. If left unprotected and uncoated, circuitry can short and fail. Keeping […]

PVDF Coating

PVDF coating protects buildings against the Australian sun Globally, architectural coating accounts for half of the coatings market. Coatings enhance, beautify, and protect skyscrapers, sheds, homes, hangars, port buildings, construction both old and new, and more. One coating type in particular has come to be a stalwart of the industry: PVDF coating. PVDF coating (short […]

Fire Retardant Paint

Improve your fire protection with fire retardant paint Australia is known for its long hot summers and the bushfire danger that comes with them. Bushfire season is getting longer and more intense, but fire in Australia is not confined to the summer months; an average of 5,000 fires per week are burning across our wide […]

Powder Coating Australia

A quick guide to powder coating essentials in Australia Powder coating has grown into a multi-billion dollar business, not only in Australia, but worldwide. It is a part of our lives every day, coating everything from household items and vehicles to heavy duty machinery. It even protects and beautifies countless artworks in the annual Sculptures […]

Anti Corrosion Paint – The Best Anti Rust Paint Solutions

Use an anti corrosive paint for protecting steel structures An anti corrosion coating (anti corrosive paint) acts as a barrier between a metal and its environment, and increases its durability and lifespan. The roughly estimated global cost of metal corrosion damage is trillions of dollars. The good news is that a lot of this loss […]

Polyurea Coating Australia

Polyurea coating for protection in the most demanding environments Polyurea coating has been on the Australian market since the 1980s, but due to its durability, flexibility, and versatility new applications for this coating are being found all the time. It is currently used across industries for waterproofing, corrosion protection, containment of water as well as chemical and […]


Garage Floor Coating Australia

Garage floor coating for better looks and extreme durability Garage floors are always subject to several hazards such as moisture, chemical spills, and heavy mechanical loads and vehicle traffic. These factors together wear and damage the garage floor, even when it is a fairly sturdy material such as concrete. It is important to protect the […]


Sherwin Williams Coatings

The global coverage of Sherwin Williams paints and coatings Sherwin-Williams is one of the top 3 coating and paint companies worldwide. It was founded in 1866 when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industrial economy with paint ingredients – a vision which would see the company open over 4800 stores […]


Ceramic Car Coating | Glass Coating

Ceramic car coating guarantees ultimate shine and protection Trying to keep a car looking brand new can be costly and end up feeling like endless work. All that washing, waxing, and attention feels futile when a bird finds its target ten minutes after you are done. And it isn’t just the birds; UV radiation, chips, […]


Automotive Paint

Looks & protection with automotive paint The automotive paint  industry is far larger than which colour to paint your car: the colour is just one part of the group of automotive coatings. Every surface in a vehicle from the bodywork and under body to the exhaust and even the glass surfaces needs a specialised coating […]

Packaging Coatings Australia

Protect, preserve and beautify with packaging coatings The packaging that protects and stores our food, beverages, perishables, pharmaceuticals, toiletries, chemical products, etc. does not do so alone. Packaging coatings are used to protect and enhance the interior and exterior of containers, packaging, lids, metal, plastic, board, paper, and more in order to best maintain their contents, […]

Water Resistant Coating Australia

Industrial and architectural projects with water resistant coating Water resistance is a characteristic expected of many consumer goods, from shoes and fabrics to electronics and displays. It is also required from industrial machinery and architectural structures. A water resistant coating is the most common solution for creating or improving water resistance in industrial and architectural projects. Water […]


Anti Slip Coating Australia

Increase safety and prevent accidents with anti slip coating Slips and trips are a serious problem in Australia, both at home and in the workplace. They account for more than the third of all workplace injuries, and over 30% of regular accidents involve slips. If you are an employer, you have duty of care to provide […]


Ceramic Coating Sydney

Industrial and automotive ceramic coating services Ceramic coatings are the high performance, hard-wearing, waterproof, insulating, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, thermal barrier solution for applications across all industries. They provide durability across extreme temperatures (up to 1500°C) and make a substrate low friction and anti galling. They are especially useful against corrosion under insulation and in engine […]