Coating industry in Sydney

coating sydney

There are many coatings operators in Sydney

There are the well known large coating manufacturers such as BASF, Dulux, Hempel and Veolia; but also many local operators like:

  • Advanced Powder Coatings & Sand Blasting, Blacktown (powder coatings)
  • J&J Performance, Penrith (automotive coatings)
  • Precision Coating Services, Seven Hills (powder coatings)
  • Higgins Coating Sydney, Artarmon (multiple coatings)
  • Paintastic Coatings, Sydney (decorative coatings)
  • Innovative Marine Coatings, Sydney (marine coatings)
  • Tuffy Toned, Rosebery (ceramic coatings and metal heat treating)
  • CSW Coatings, Rhodes (concrete coatings)
  • Render-Set & Textures, Sydney (wall coatings)

Of course there are many more manufacturers and paint experts operating in Sydney. Contact us by sending an e-mail to info@coating.com.au. We’ll gladly put you in touch with the best coatings expert for your project.

Coating experts in Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

  • Melbourne Acrylic coatings, Dandedong South Melbourne (acrylic coatings)
  • A.D.A. Powder Coatings, Thomastown Melbourne (powder coatings)
  • Cameleon Coatings, Paramount Dr, Wangara Perth (multiple coatings)
  • CIC ceramics, Welshpool (ceramic coatings)
  • Swan Coatings, Adelaide (floor coatings)
  • Adelaide Coatings, Darcy (wall & roof coatings)

Looking to list your coating company and are you ready to elevate your coating company’s profile and discover exciting commercial opportunities with Coating.com.au? Don’t miss out – contact us today to see how we can collaborate and grow together! Contact us today – or send an email to info@coating.com.au



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