industrial coatings melbourne in industrial environment

Industrial coatings Melbourne

Industrial coatings - in house or outsourced Applying coatings is a standard part of many production processes. However, the coating process can be arranged in a couple of ways. You can either set up a coating line and coat in house or outsource…
coating inspector jobs australia

Coating Inspector Jobs Australia

Coating inspections in Australia Coating Inspectors evaluate coatings such as paints, urethanes, adhesives and zinc according to given specifications. The purpose is to ensure that parts, products and surfaces meet certain requirements and…
coating sydney

Exterior wall paint Sydney

Exterior wall paint Sydney See our overview of exterior wall paint companies and services in Sydney. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.
drone coating inspections

Drone coating inspections

Drone coating inspections: the future of detecting need for repair Coating inspections in oil and gas takers, ships and other marine structures is crucial regarding durability and safety of the platforms. Traditionally the inspections are part…
Water tank linings rusty tank

Water Tank Linings

Keep water fresh and safe with Water Tank Linings Water Tank Linings are applied to the inside of a water tank to protect against leakage. But that's not all, it also makes sure the water is not be contaminated by rust (from erosion) and outer…

Exterior wall paint Melbourne

Exterior wall paint Melbourne See our overview of exterior wall paint companies and services in Melbourne. Feel free to contact us and submit your company or suggest one in the area.

Aluminium coating – Anodising

What is anodising? Anodising, is a form of coating aluminium. It is the successful development and control of a natural oxidation process of aluminium. In fact anodising is a form of corrosion on aluminium which occurs when the metal reacts…
instant coating

Instant coating

Instantly curing floor coating - increase efficiency Minimal disruption and maximum efficiency are factors that businesses wish to find in a floor coating. The manufacturer of SolidLux is specialised in industrial flooring systems and developed…
powder coating gold coast

Powder coating Gold Coast

Powder coating in Gold Coast The popularity of powder coating is increasing on Gold Coast, as it is also in the rest of Australia. One of the main reasons for this is that powder coatings are suitable for various applications and they have…
Coating inspection Australia

Coating Inspection Australia

Carry out a coating inspection to prevent costly problems Do it once, do it right; the cost of repairing a badly executed coating can be many times the cost to paint it in the first place. Problems can arise during the pre-treatment, application,…
aerospace coatings

Aerospace Coatings Australia

Protect, preserve and decorate aircraft with aerospace coatings The aerospace sector is one of the most demanding sectors for coatings and materials. Aerospace coatings need to provide protection from corrosion, abrasion, weather, UV radiation,…
graffiti removal needed in australia

Graffiti removal Australia

Fast graffiti removal minimises the damage Sometimes graffiti pleases the eye: it is a form of street art and can be very attractive. However, in most cases graffiti is a nuisance for real estate owners and should be got rid of as soon as it…
yellow stairs on industrial epoxy floor in melbourne

Epoxy floors Melbourne

Epoxy floors is always a good idea No matter if you are searching for a new flooring for a production plant or you would like a new look in your living room - epoxy floor is a solution to consider. Epoxy is a durable resin which is perfectly…
Anti microbial floor paints applied in a hospital room

Anti Bacterial Floor Paints

Anti bacterial floor paints form the basis for health and safety at work The floor of a building is the part most vulnerable to bacteria, mould and fungi. Even frequent and thorough cleaning does not guarantee the floor is completely clean…
Perth, buildings and water

Anti slip coating Perth

Anti slip coating improves employees' safety in Perth The number one reason for injuries at work are slips and falls most often on slippery surfaces such as floors, stairs, bridges and ramps. Anti slip coating remarkably reduces the risk of…
teflon coating

Teflon coating AU

What is Teflon coating? Teflon is the trade name of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), a polymer consisting of carbon and fluorine. Teflon was developed in 1938 by DuPont scientist Dr. Roy Plunkett. The Teflon coating is a very well-known option…
Coating and coatings meaning

Coating meaning

What does coating mean? In general coating refers to covering a a material (substrate) with another material (substance). A coating is generally used to confer a desired functionality to a substrate that fails to exhibit the function without…
powder coating adelaide

Powder Coating Adelaide

Powder coating makes attractive protection environmentally friendly If you are looking for a coating that is high performance, protective, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly and comes in a range of colours and effects, powder coating is…
Protective coatings

Protective coatings in Australia

What are protective coatings? Protective coating is a type of paint, varnish, or lacquer used more to protect than decorate. Due to the fact that many coatings are protective, there are many different types of these coatings for different substrates…
Xylan coating on car

Xylan coating process for cars

What is Xylan coating? Xylan is generally used to reduce friction, improve wear resistance and create non-stick surfaces. The most common application is in non-stick cookware. However, Xylan coating is also in extensive use in the automotive…
epoxy floor coating Perth

Epoxy Floor Coating Perth

Epoxy flooring protects and beautifies old and new floors Maybe you have an old floor which is stained and damaged, or have a new floor that needs special protective or attractive qualities. Epoxy flooring is a solution in both cases; the go-to…
urine repellent paint applied on wall

Urine Repellent Paint Australia

Protect your property and walls with urine repellent paint Although Australia may not have any federal legislation outlawing public urination, it is an offence in Queensland, ACT, and South Australia, and if you try it in NSW, Tasmania or South…
Stainless steel coating protects and preserves the steel, as well as maintaining its aesthetic

Stainless Steel Coating Australia

Stainless steel coating protects and preserves Stainless steel has been relied on for everything from scalpels to skyscrapers for decades now; its corrosion resistant formulation, versatility, durability, and tensile strength make it an ideal…
coating sydney

Fire resistant coating Sydney

Fire protection in Sydney Australia can be hostile when it comes to fire and flames. When a structure, whether it's a home or an office building, can be a fire trap if there are no precautions when it comes to fire protection. Not only sprays…

Fire resistant coating Melbourne

Fire protection in Melbourne Australia can be hostile when it comes to fire and flames. When a structure, whether it's a home or an office building, can be a fire trap if there are no precautions when it comes to fire protection. Not only sprays…
epoxy floor coating melbourne

Epoxy Floor Coating Melbourne

Epoxy flooring is the floor coating of choice across industries For residential, commercial, and industrial flooring applications, epoxy floor coating is the go-to solution for an attractive, seamless, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant,…
Epoxy floor coating Brisbane

Epoxy Floor Coating Brisbane

Epoxy flooring is the go-to resin floor solution Epoxy floor coating has become a mainstay of the floor coating industry, and for good reason: epoxy flooring is abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, seamless, easy to clean, attractive and…
coating sydney

Epoxy Floor Coating Sydney

Epoxy floor coating creates a seamless, durable surface Epoxy is an industry favourite for flooring. It is durable, attractive, seamless, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and cost effective flooring solution used for residential, commercial,…
Concrete coating applied in Perth in buildings

Concrete coating Perth

Let concrete coating jobs done by specialists Concrete coating is a broad concept which covers coatings for all concrete surfaces from floors to water tanks. Therefore, there are many different types of coatings that are suitable for concrete…
coating sydney

Coating inspector Sydney

Coating inspector Sydney; coating inspection services in Sydney New South Wales
Roof coatings Perth companies can provide services for flat and pitched roofs.

Roof Coatings Perth – Companies and Services

Roof coatings protect and beautify - for flat or pitched roofs One of the most important parts of any building is the roof. By protecting the roof you are safeguarding your investment from the damage caused by leaks, storms, winds, UV radiation,…
surface coating technology

Surface coating technology

What is surface coating technology? Surface coating technology covers all mixtures of binders, pigments, solvents and other additives which  form decorative or functional films on surfaces after drying or curing.  Surface coatings include…

Coating inspector Melbourne

Coating inspector Melbourne; coating inspection services in Melbourne Victoria  
Epoxy floor coating Brisbane

Coating inspector Brisbane

Coating inspector Brisbane; coating inspections services in Brisbane Queensland  
coating sydney

Roof Coating Companies Sydney

Give your building a new look or improved protection with roof coatings Roof coatings provide a seamless (“monolithic”), unbroken and smooth surface to the roof. They cure to a rubber-like waterproof membrane, which can be reinforced with…
electroluminescent paint

Electroluminescent Paint

Making any surface a light with electroluminescent paint Electroluminescent paint is a light emitting coating which can make any object or surface a light. The paint system, however, requires an electrical current passing through it to let…
graffiti removal melbourne

Graffiti removal Melbourne

Remove graffiti fast and effectively Graffiti is a nuisance that you would rather not have on your walls and fences. If you anyway discover a messy "work of art" on your property, report it to the local authorities and arrange removal as soon…
floor coating in a library in australia

A Guide to Floor Coating Australia

Make sure to choose the right floor coating for optimal protection Floor coating serves as thin protective layers on existing floors and as thicker complete flooring systems. The thin film floor coatings are usually not thicker than a millimetre,…
Intumescent paint Perth

Intumescent Paint Perth

Intumescent paint is passive fire protection for your property The danger of fire is never far from an Australian's mind. With summers getting hotter and the fire season intensifying, this threat is becoming more real every year. And it is…
Smog-eating coating

Smog Eating Coating

Self cleaning coating that eats smog? The New York based engineering materials and solutions company, Arconic, envisioned a three-mile-high skyscraper covered in a smog eating coating. It is only 2017, but the company is already looking 45…
When applied to your walls anti climb paint prevents vandals from scaling them.

Anti Climb Paint

Non-drying anti climb paint for vandalism prevention Every year hundreds of thousands of Australians a victims of unlawful entry crimes, and the vast majority of these crimes is experienced in residential locations. If you are concerned for…
coating sydney

Coating industry in Sydney

There are many coatings operators in Sydney There are the well known large coating manufacturers such as BASF, Dulux, Hempel and Veolia; but also many local operators like: Advanced Powder Coatings & Sand Blasting, Blacktown (powder…
anti graffiti paint Australia

Anti Graffiti Paint Australia

Prevent unwanted graffiti and tagging with anti graffiti paint Anti graffiti paint forms a protective barrier on surfaces at risk of graffiti paint or permanent marker ink. The barrier makes sure that the paint or ink does not adhere to the…
water droplets on a surface with nano coating
performance coatings

High Performance Coatings AU

What is HPC coating? High performance coatings (HPC) products in general are essential for a broad range of markets, including transportation, buildings and infrastructure, industrial and consumer goods. Their main purpose is thus, to increase…
chemical resistant coating applied in water processing plant

Chemical Resistant Coatings Australia

Chemical resistant coatings for protecting a wide range of substrates Almost all coatings will be exposed to chemicals and acids at some point, whether cleaning products, spills, or fumes. However most of these are mild, and the coating does…
Intumescent paint can give vital time for firefighters to get a blaze under control.

Intumescent Paint Australia

Intumescent paint is passive fire protection and insulation Australia is a country renowned for its ability to burn. Bushfires represent an ever-increasing threat as summers get longer and more severe, but Australian fire crews also report…
industrial metal coating australia

Industrial Metal Coating Australia

Metal coating - for protection and problem solving Metal is a strong, durable, tough material used for countless purposes across every industry. From the medical sector to pipelines, construction to the automotive industry, metal coatings enhance,…

Fire Rated Paint for Steel

Why fire rated paint for steel is a necessity in Australia The strength and versatility of steel has made it the backbone of the construction industry. Steel makes modern skylines possible, from Sydney to Perth. However, this strength is challenged…
ceramic coating

Ceramic Coating Australia

Ceramic coating - the protective coating for engines and industry A ceramic coating is a coating that uses non-metallic, inorganic materials with high hardness and insulation in order to create a hard-wearing, high performance finish. Ceramic…