Colour of the Year 2019 – The Most Popular Paint Colours

colour of the year 2019

The colour trend predictions are here for 2019

Though 2018 feels like it has barely started (wait, it’s what month?!), the paint colour trends for 2019 have already begun pouring out of our favourite coating brands. Gone are last year’s millennial pinks and ultra violets (thanks, Pantone), replaced instead with a return to earth- and nature-toned palettes. Looking across the colour palettes of 2019, next year is going to be earthy, lush, spicy, and inspiring; the most popular paint colours of the upcoming year are tones of jungle green, desert shades, and all things sun-baked.

We take a look at the colour trend forecasts of Dulux, Sherwin-Williams, AkzoNobel, and Pantone, and how to use these palettes at home.

The most popular paint colours of 2019 bring nature back into our daily spaces.

Eucalyptus, sands, and jewel blues will all feature in the 2019 palette.

The most popular paint colours for 2019 will bring nature in

Despite the intensely uncool bite-happy wildlife, we continue to seek out nature to revive and replenish. It is this urge that the 2019 colour palettes are seeking to soothe, and many of the paint colours seem to have been drawn from the Australian landscape. These colours would be familiar to anyone who has traveled our wide brown land: the ochres of the Painted Desert, the bleached expanse of the Nullarbor, the deep, restorative greens of the Daintree, the jewel tones of sea and sky as the sun rises over our western shore.

The colour trends predict a move away from the stress and focus of the modern world and towards creating the space to live your best, happiest, healthiest life. Colour-wise this is represented by subtle, welcoming, casual colours, shades that make no demands an allow you to just ‘be’ in a space.

A look at the Colour of The Year from the top paint brands

Though paint brands may not always agree on a Colour of the Year, they identify trends from similar sources and so their colour palettes are often drawn from the same well. Paint brands hire a fleet of colour experts to determine and respond to the zeitgeist, and not just in the coatings world. The most popular paint colours take inspiration from consumer choices, cultural phenomena, architectural and design events, social trends and more. Below we break down the colour palettes and influences of the top paint brands.

Dulux Australia – Repair your Wholeself

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2019 is all about creating your happy place and living your best life. It’s all about being able to filter out the noise and really focus on the stuff that matters. The Dulux colour trends are divided into 4 palettes: Repair, Wholeself, Legacy, and Identity. Each is named for the atmosphere and spirit it evokes. Purples are brought to the fore, with mauves, lilacs, and deeper earthy purples throughout.

  • Repair – A palette of authentic, natural, warm tones for repairing our connection with nature and ourselves. An optimistic collection where Cinnamon Sand and Golden Grain cosy up with the warm blue-grey of Hidden Depths.
  • Wholeself – Breathe in, breathe out, turn off the phone, allow the mind to rest. Wellness and self-care is the vibe of the Wholeself palette, where everything is soft and plush. Madame Mauve is sprinkled with Gold Dust, while Silver Thaw soothes as it kindles a space for luxurious long soaks or curling up with a book and an undistracted mind.
  • Legacy – The Legacy palette urges us to focus on timeless elegance in a style we make our own – an eclectic blend of past influences and modern sensibilities. Nature is once again prevalent with floral tones of Legendary Lilac, Hothouse Orchid, and Cherry Race jostling with Porcelain Crab and Shepherd’s Warning.
  • Identity – Celebrate your quirks and cherish the radical creative within. Identity combines bold and daring colour trends in a palette that bubbles with energy. Golden Sand, Strong Strawberry, Sunbird Orange, and Mondrian Blue round out a collection that dares to dare.
The Pantone paint colours of 2019 will include a palette called 'cravings'.

Prepare to be seduced by Pantone’s 2019 palettes.

Pantone’s colour vision for 2019 is all about cravings

Spicy reds, succulent pinks, decadent purples, and flamingo oranges make up one of the eight colour palettes released by Pantone as part of their colours of 2019 collection. Intended to tempt the eye, the ‘Cravings’ palette seduces with its warmth and maximalist tones which are soothed by the addition of chocolates and cappuccinos.

The Classico collection has eight colours that reflect the fundamentals of style: Rich Gold, Mallard Blue, Apricot Brandy, white swan, burgundy, and deep teals round out the elegant palette. Though we have to wait til December for the Pantone Colour of the Year, this collection of 72 hues is an exciting glimpse at the direction the Institute is heading for 2019.

PPG Paints Colour of the Year is ‘Night Watch’

‘Night Watch’ is the rich offering from PPG for the Colour of the Year 2019 and you can see why. A luscious teal, Night Watch “allows homeowners to emulate the feeling of lush greenery and the healing power of nature in their spaces”. It’s a black infused green that can be used as a neutral or statement accent. Using this colour in a space awakens memories of nature and the joy of being in a protective space entirely distant from the bustle of humanity.

The four palettes of the PPG colour forecast are collectively called the ‘We Are’ trends, based on the perception that consumer trends have moved from individual mindsets to journeys of collective discovery. The ‘We Are’ palettes are: With Spirit (both cosmic and romantic, featuring a healthy dose of purples, sunny golden yellows and scorched red/orange hues), With Out (convey a design mood that is both calming and quieting and yet still powerful in its impact), With It (promotes a mood of self expression, living in the moment, optimism and lightness of being), and With Class (on one hand full of timeless, classic neutrals and on the other loaded with richly saturated and elegant gem tones).

Spice up your life with Sherwin-Williams and AkzoNobel

The most popular paint colours for these paint brands build a space for wanderlust. The Sherwin-Williams palettes are evocatively called Shapeshifter, Wanderer, Aficionado, Enthusiast, Naturalist and Raconteur, immediately conjuring the intended sense of spirit and optimism. The Sherwin-Williams colour team was not just trying to create a palette but also identities through colour – their forecast is personal, aspiring, and attainable. With influences ranging from the rings of Saturn to tweedy menswear to terrariums, there is something for everyone. The Sherwin-Williams Colour of the Year 2019 is ‘Cavern Clay’, a sunwashed terracotta which “embodies renewal, simplicity and free-spirited, bohemian flair”.

AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year 2019 is the delightfully warm Spiced Honey.  The theme of their colour trends palettes is “Let the light in” – calming, nourishing, stimulating, and energizing colours to “create a space which reflects a sense of awakening and embraces our new spirit of positivity”. The four palettes are Think, Dream, Love and Act, each with the suitable colour collection to inspire those effects. Each palette has the Colour of Year at its heart, then builds upon that foundation with a different collection of colours.

Whatever the palette, 2019 in decorative interiors is going to be a sensuous year of spice, seduction, and optimism.

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