Drone coating inspections

drone coating inspections

Drone coating inspections: the future of detecting need for repair

Coating inspections in oil and gas takers, ships and other marine structures is crucial regarding durability and safety of the platforms. Traditionally the inspections are part of standard maintenance routine but they do involve risks; especially regarding employee safety. The coating inspections must take place also in ballast tanks, offshore wind farms and other areas which may be difficult to approach. For example the route inspecting a ballast tank usually includes slippery and poorly lit areas. Fortunately, this may become a thing of the past due to drone coating inspections!

Akzo Nobel believes in drone coating inspections

Akzo Nobel is currently working together with Barrier Group, oil and gas tanker operator, and DroneOps, a technology firm, to develop a drone system which can easily conduct coating inspections on those difficult to access areas. In the future, the drone coating inspections can significantly increase employee safety. Additionally, the inspection will become less time consuming; thus more cost efficient!

The DroneOps device is at the moment going through some final flight testing at Barrier Group. Testing is a crucial procedure before the drone can start its career as coating inspector. The first commercial drone coating inspections for Akzo Nobel are planned to take place in October 2017.

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