Epoxy Floor Coating Perth

epoxy floor coating Perth

Epoxy flooring protects and beautifies old and new floors

Maybe you have an old floor which is stained and damaged, or have a new floor that needs special protective or attractive qualities. Epoxy flooring is a solution in both cases; the go-to floor coating across industries for residential, commercial, and industrial floors. This is because epoxy flooring is attractive, cost effective, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, seamless, hygienic, and can be anti slip or anti static. Fore more on the properties and applications of epoxy floor coating, see our overview page. For local epoxy floor coating Perth, read on for our extensive company list.

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Companies and specialists in epoxy floor coating Perth

Below is our comprehensive list of epoxy floor coating Perth companies and specialists. These companies provide epoxy flooring services in Perth that include antimicrobial and HACCP coatings, anti slip coatings, anti static coatings, as well as heavy duty and designer epoxy flooring.

Perth car parks, sheds, garages, supermarkets, hospitals, warehouses, and more already benefit from epoxy flooring, so why not “Request a Quote” today! Our quotation service is 100% free, all you need to do is click the button beneath this article and tell us a little about your project. We collaborate with our coating partners to determine the right coating solution for your needs and to connect you with the best specialist for the job.

Epoxy Floor Coating Perth CompanyLocationServices Offered
Antiskid Industries5 Tacoma Circuit, Canning Vale, Perth 6155Commercial and industrial anti slip flooring
CBH Coatings66A Bateman Rd, Mt Pleasant 6153, Industrial, commercial, and residential floor coatings
Conjoint Surface Solutions10 Kentia Loop, Wanneroo 6065Commercial, residential, and industrial epoxy flooring
Epoxy Floors PerthPerth-wideIndustrial, commercial, residential, and self levelling epoxy floors
Epoxy Flooring Perth3/37 Harlond Avenue, Malaga 6090Commercial and industrial floor coatings for warehouses, sheds, factory floors, commercial kitchens, hangars, showrooms and more
Gecko Special Coatings72 Division St, Welshpool 6106Decorative, commercial and industrial epoxy flooring
H.I.S Buildings Services2/21 Durham Road, Bayswater 6053Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring
Hawk Concrete Floor Coatings101 Buckingham Rd, Swan View 6056Industrial and commercial epoxy flooring
Panther Protective Coatings37 Harlond Ave, Malaga 6090Commercial and industrial epoxy floor coating
Polfloors Epoxy Flooring ExpertsPerth-wideResidential, commercial and industrial flooring solutions

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