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Epoxy floor coating creates a seamless, durable surface

Epoxy is an industry favourite for flooring. It is durable, attractive, seamless, chemical resistant, abrasion resistant, and cost effective flooring solution used for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces. Whether you have a kitchen or a warehouse that needs epoxy floor coating Sydney has plenty of businesses that can serve your needs. For a more in depth look at epoxy floor coating and how it is applied see our overview page.

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Companies and specialists in epoxy floor coating Sydney

Below is a comprehensive guide to epoxy floor coating Sydney companies and their specialties – we have compiled a list so you don’t have to! These companies specialise in resin flooring, including epoxy floor coating, across settings. Some also provide concrete resurfacing services and anti slip or hospital and food prep coating applications.

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Epoxy Flooring Coating Sydney CompanyLocationServices Offered
Advance Epoxy Flooring94 Pringle Avenue, Bankstown 2200Commercial epoxy flooring including hotels, kitchens, and more
Atlas CoatingCrows Nest, NSW 2065Residential, commercial, and industrial flooring
Cobblecrete AustraliaCamden, NSW 2570Residential, commercial, and industrial epoxy flooring including restaurants, shops, shopping centres, pubs, and more
Concretech OneSydney-wideResidential and commercial epoxy flooring
Epoxy Flooring Technology7 Burdett St, Hornsby NSW 2077Residential, commercial and industrial epoxy flooring
Epoxy Pro FlooringSydney-wideResidential, commercial and industrial resin floor coatings
Eversafe Industries48/20 Tucks Road, Seven Hills 2147Industrial epoxy floor coating
FlowcreteSydney-wideEpoxy and resin floor coating manufacturers and suppliers
Master Concrete SolutionsSydney-wideResidential, commercial and industrial epoxy floor coating
Priority One Coatings46-48 Buffalo Rd, Gladesville 2111Commercial and industrial epoxy floor coatings
Profloor Epoxy SystemsBaulkham Hills, NSW 2153Commercial and industrial epoxy flooring
Slab-Tek Pty LtdSydney-wideResidential, commercial, and industrial epoxy floor coating including garage floors and car parks
Smarter FlooringSydney-wideResidential, commerical, and industrial epoxy flooring including offices, apartments, shopping centres, and more
Sydney Epoxy Floors33- 37 College St, Gladesville 2111Residential, commercial and industrial epoxy flooring including warehouses, factories, petroleum industry, offices, and more
The Painting People Galston, NSW 2159Industrial epoxy floor coating

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