Finding the Right White Paint for Your Interior Walls

Learn how to choose the best white paint for your interior walls with our complete guide!

How to choose the best white paint for your home

Australians love our white walls. Fresh, light, and uplifting, white wall paint can take a room from drab to design with a simple coat of Dulux. However, upon searching “white paint” you will quickly find yourself lost in the mire that is the world of white wall paint. A seemingly obvious and simple choice quickly becomes overwhelming. But don’t lose sight of the trees for the wood; there are some simple paint choosing guidelines you can follow to determine the right white paint for any room in your home.

In this article we guide you towards the perfect white paint for interiors walls, no matter the room. We also look at some of the favoured white paint colours from the top paints brands in Australia.

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Some tips and tricks to find the right white paint for every room

Whether you want white paint for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, or hallways, there are some simple tips to make sure you know exactly what kind of interior white paint will look best. And these tips work for other colours as well!

  1. Know your undertones – Whites are divided into cool and warm, based on their undertones. Cool whites have a blue, grey, green or hint of black undertone, while warm whites have red, yellow, pink or brown base.
  2. Know your light – North-facing rooms are the brightest in the house while the light in south-facing rooms is cooler and flatter than other rooms, making them appear colder and darker. They drink in all that flattering, middle-of-the-day sunlight and colours are stronger and more true. If you have north-facing rooms with plenty of flattering natural light, you are free to choose any undertones you like, or pair it with a cool white paint to enhance the space. Combat the cool light of south-facing spaces by choosing a warm hued white to make the light less flat.
  3. Complement the way you use the room – The difference between a cool white paint and a warm white paint may not seem big when you are looking at swatches, but once it is on your wall the difference can be huge. Look at the way you want your room to feel – dramatic, subtle, cosy, stylish – and choose your white interior wall paint from there. Don’t try to fight what you already have. A certain white looking amazing in someone else’s space does not mean it will work for yours.
  4. Always test your paint – Don’t trust your computer screen. Getting attached to a colour you see online will only end in disappointment when it doesn’t look the same on your walls. This is why the tester pot is your best friend. And you don’t have to test it directly on the wall; try painting the colour onto a piece of paper and observing how light and placement changes it before committing to a wall test.
  5. Sleep on it – So the paint is on the wall and you think it’s the one. Don’t just race to the nearest Bunnings; give it a night to percolate and see whether you still like it in the morning light.

The best white paint for interior walls from top brands

With Australian TV consisting of equal parts home renovation shows and cooking shows, it is clear where our hearts lie. And within these shows it is the crisp white interior walls that we want to emulate most, making white paint for interior walls one of the most popular paints from all brands across the country. Below we look at some of the most popular white paints for walls from Dulux and where they work best.

The most popular cool white paints

Cool whites provide a sharp and contemporary feel to a space, working well with the warm light of north-facing rooms. Their crispness works with modern interiors or industrial themes. Some of the most popular cool white interior paints are:

  • Dulux – White on White
    Dulux White on White with its undertones of blue-grey is perfectly suited to timber flooring, concrete flooring, kitchen spaces, bathrooms, or any space in a modern home where you want to feel energised. It gives contemporary homes a timeless quality.
  • Dulux – Lexicon Quarter
    Another completely modern tone, this crisp white is wonderful as a backdrop to textures and artworks. Timber flooring, polished concrete, exposed brick, lively art, all of it is complemented by Lexicon Quarter.

The most popular warm white paints

If your home is older, with period features or Victorian or Edwardian vibes, a warm white will bring the space to life. They provide depth and cosiness to a space. However, a warm white in a north-facing room with lots of natural light can look yellow and just old. Be careful to take in the light conditions, too.

  • Dulux – Whisper White
    Perfect for bringing warmth to a south-facing or dark space, Whisper White is a warm and inviting white that pairs beautifully with natural materials.
  • Dulux – Hog Bristle Quarter
    Great for period homes or art deco features. With an undertone that can only be described as ‘biscuit’, this white will give any space a cosy warmth.

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