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Garage floor coating and concrete resurfacing will extend the life of your floor

Garage floor coating for better looks and extreme durability

Garage floors are always subject to several hazards such as moisture, chemical spills, and heavy mechanical loads and vehicle traffic. These factors together wear and damage the garage floor, even when it is a fairly sturdy material such as concrete. It is important to protect the floor appropriately and, in so doing, increase the durability of the surface. Garage paint also improves the appearance of the floor; the coatings are available in many colours and textures. Furthermore, a coated floor is easy to clean and protected from stains and deterioration.

In this article we look at applying garage floor coating on different substrates, the available coating options, and the range of products and prices in Australia. At the end of this article you can also find some Australian garage floor coating specialists.

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Applying garage floor coatings on different substrates

Garage floors are usually concrete, due to the fact that it is a strong and durable material also used as the foundation of buildings. Nonetheless, not every garage floor coating is suitable as concrete floor coatings; the condition of the concrete must be taken into account. There are coatings suitable for new concrete and for older, damaged surfaces. Garage floor coatings are applicable:

concrete look garage floor coating in australia

A garage floor coating makes it more durable and attractive.

  • When applying a coating on new concrete – It is important to make sure the surface is no longer moist and that it is appropriately sealed. Concrete is a porous material which absorbs moisture. A coating on a damp concrete surface often starts cracking and peeling off.
  • When coating an existing garage floor -Iit is important to make sure the surface is clean and free from oil and grease. Any contamination on the surface may hinder the adhesion of the coating system. The cleanliness is usually assured by diamond grinding the surface.
  • For painted concrete – Also needs to be cleaned and it is crucial to check the compatibility of the existing paint and the flooring system.
  • For damaged and worn out floors – The most challenging to coat due to the fact that the cracks and gaps require filling. In these cases, a thicker, self leveling coating is the simplest application and guarantees the finest result.

The coating types: which resins are suitable as garage floor paint

Most garage floor paint is either epoxy coatings or polyurethane (PU) paints. Both of these coatings may require a primer or sealer prior to application. PU coatings guarantee an attractive look on the surface but they are often not as tough as epoxy resin coatings. However, it is possible to first apply an epoxy coating and coated it over with a decorative PU paint.

Epoxy floors are abrasion and chemical resistant and they have a high capacity for mechanical loads. They are available as primers (for example under a PU coat) and durable matt topcoats. Epoxies are cheaper than polyurethane coatings. PU paint is often used as just a topcoat because it is more expensive and because it provides UV protection for the epoxy (which chalks and discolours in sunlight).

The garage floor coating prices in Australia and what you pay for

The following factors determine the costs of coating a garage floor:

  1. The condition of the floor prior to application – How much preparation is required?
  2. The properties you want to achieve – Which coating you are planning on using?
  3. The size of the area you wish to cover – The larger the area you want to coat, the lower the price per litre
  4. Who applies the coating – Do you do it yourself or do you get it done professionally?

Most garage floor coatings services can give you a quote for their standard product lines based on a square metre rate, but if further surface preparation is needed (such as concrete resurfacing), the actual price will be higher. As a general rule, though, garage floor coating costs anywhere from around $30 to $35 per square metre for two coats over a prepared concrete surface and from $80 to $100 per square metre for a decorative finish after diamond grinding the concrete. A decorative floor coating for a single car garage can cost $80 per square metre whereas the same coating for a double car garage may cost merely $50 per square metre.

Requesting garage floor coating quotes

When you are going to need several litres of paint, it is always wise to request quotes to find the most beneficial offer. To make sure you receive an accurate quote, provide the supplier/ installer with as much as information as possible.

  • Does the floor need repairing; what kind – spot fixes or complete concrete resurfacing?
  • In what condition the floor is; oil stains, grease or other substances?

Such information gives them an opportunity to factor preparation work into their original quotes and spare you any nasty surprises when they give you a final on-site quote.

Find a local Garage Floor Coating Contractor in Australia

In case you wish to have a professional contractor to take care of the coating job, we have compiled a short list of contractors in Australia from Brisbane to Perth, that specialise in garage floor coatings.

Garage floor coating specialistAddress in Australia
Signature Epoxy Flooring411/241 Adelaide St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
Clean & CoatBrisbane Queensland 4000, Australia
Tough FloorsCleveland, Brisbane, QLD
PM Spray-on Paving2/84 Callaway Street Wangara (cnr of Callaway and Prosperity)
Kleenit Group PerthUnit 1/524 Abernethy Rd Kewdale, WA 6105

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Garage paint application for non-professionals

If you wish to decrease the costs of new garage floor coating, it is possible to apply it yourself. There are several one pot DIY garage floor epoxy products on the market; both epoxies and PU paints. They are user friendly, rather simple to apply and usually non-toxic. What’s more, they are easy to get; just drive to the nearest hardware shop and you’ll have one. For a problem-free and effective concrete resurfacing job however, we do recommend a professional.

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