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Fast graffiti removal minimises the damage

Sometimes graffiti pleases the eye: it is a form of street art and can be very attractive. However, in most cases graffiti is a nuisance for real estate owners and should be got rid of as soon as it is noticed. Namely, the best way to prevent graffiti is fast graffiti removal!

If graffiti is removed as soon as it has been noticed, the damage will be minimised. The longer graffiti remains unremoved, the deeper it adheres into the surface and the more difficult it is to remove completely. Fast removal also discourages new graffiti attacks.

Whenever you encounter graffiti, report it to the local authorities. Placing graffiti is forbidden!

In this article we will provide you with help and advice on graffiti removal with different methods from a variety of surfaces.

5 efficient solutions for graffiti removal

The demand for graffiti removal products has been increasing throughout Australia, indicating that the annual amount of graffiti attacks has also been increasing. Removing graffiti and other traces of vandalism costs Australia some $2.5 billion annually.

Here we will introduce the five most common ways to remove graffiti from different surfaces.

Graffiti removal can be easily done by using solvents that dissolve the graffiti paint

Graffiti removal can be easily done by using solvents that dissolve the graffiti paint

  1. Organic cleaning; anti graffiti remover
    Organic graffiti removers are effective and eco-friendly solutions that gently remove graffiti. They tend to be little more expensive than some other solutions, and are not allowed to come in contact with water.
    Suitable for: stone, concrete, wood, limestone and steel surfaces. 
  2. Chemical cleaning 
    Solvents such as turpentine and other paint thinners dissolve graffiti can thus, be used for graffiti removal. Chemical cleaning is an affordable way to remove graffiti, however, it can turn out to be costly due to the fact that the solvent may damage the surface.
    Suitable for: hard surfaces.
  3. Sodablasting and high temperature steam blasting
    Sometimes graffiti needs to be removed from sensitive surfaces which cannot be cleaned with water. In those cases sodablasting and high temperature steam blasting are considerable option for they remove graffiti effectively and without water or other liquids. These graffiti removal methods should be carried out by a professional cleaning company.
    Suitable for: sensitive surfaces such as glass and stone.
  4. Paint over it
    The most cost effective way to get rid of graffiti is covering it instead of removing it. You can simply paint the complete surface. However, you should make sure to use high quality products which cover the graffiti. To fully hide it, you might need to apply several layers.
    Suitable for: any paintable surface depending on the paint. 
  5. Let graffiti removed by professionals
    For graffiti removal projects from sensitive surfaces or large of size, you might consider hiring a cleaning company. They use the correct methods for any surface and make sure shadowing and ghosting do not occur.
    Suitable for: any surface

Bonus: many graffiti removal companies also apply anti graffiti coating which makes the next graffiti removal easier.

Remove graffiti yourself

If you have decided to remove graffiti yourself, there are many products to choose from. Always study the technical and safety data of the product to avoid damaging the surface.

Graffiti removal productPrice (RRP)Suitability
World’s Best Heritage Graffiti Remover$18.00 per litreFor delicate old buildings
EcoConcepts 125ml Industrial Strength Graffiti Remover$75.40 per litreFor metal, plastic, whiteboards, carpet, fabric and painted surfaces
Goodbye Graffiti Graffiti Remover Tasman$30.00 per litreFor concrete, metal and wood: works best on galvanized steel and aluminium. Also works on painted surfaces without damaging the covering

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Let graffiti removed: graffiti cleaning companies

Would you prefer a professional taking over the job? No problem! There are many companies in Australia, who would be more than happy to help you achieve a clean and graffiti-free surface. We advise you to contact a graffiti removal specialist especially if you wish to clean a large or very sensitive surface.

The cost of removing graffiti is usually calculated per square metre. The price per square metre is $50- $100 depending on the area, graffiti paint and surface material.

The following links take you to an overview of graffiti removing companies in Australian cities.

  • Graffiti cleaning companies in Melbourne
  • Graffiti cleaning companies in Sydney
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