Industrial coatings Perth

industrial coatings on a bridge structure in Perth

Need for industrial coatings in Perth

Industrial coatings are in an important role in the Perth region due to the heavy industrial activity especially in Kwinana industrial area. An iron plant, other metal processing and fabrication plants are located in the area. These products require coatings, if for nothing else then corrosion protection for during transportation. Another big industry in Western Australia is shipbuilding which is centred in Henderson, also near Perth.

For small and medium size businesses, it is not always convenient to apply industrial coatings themselves but rather outsource the activity. The main reasons for inconvenience are high costs of setting up a coating line and the large physical area the line requires.

Therefore, it is rather common to outsource coating, to a specialised service.

Applying industrial coatings can be outsourced – Also in Perth

To decide which party should take care of coating your products, is never an easy task. Therefore, we provide a quick peek to the industrial coatings service providers in Perth. These companies carry out coating for businesses located in Perth or elsewhere in Western Australia.

Industrial coatings Perth
Industrial coatings Perth – ServicesAddress
Cameleon Coatings26 Paramount Dr, Wangara WA 6065
Surface Technology7 Marriott Rd, Jandakot WA 6164
Paint Industries Pty Ltd61 Lionel St, Naval Base, WA 6165
Phoenix Paints40 Port Kembla Dr, Bibra Lake, WA 6163

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