Instant coating

instant coating

Instantly curing floor coating – increase efficiency

Minimal disruption and maximum efficiency are factors that businesses wish to find in a floor coating. The manufacturer of SolidLux is specialised in industrial flooring systems and developed an instant coating which is immediately dry and impact resistant only seconds after application. This one-of-a-kind opaque floor coating system and UV technology guarantee fast application and minimum “down time”.

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The main benefits of instant coating

Factories and areas of foot or vehicle traffic do not have time to have  a “break” for maintenance. When keeping the disruption at its minimum, SolidLux instant coating is perfect solution.  The application of this coating hardly is a nuisance due to the fact that while one section of the floor is being treated, activity elsewhere in the area can continue. The coating has also other benefits such as:

  • Significantly saves time
  • Withstands temperatures between -25 and + 35 degrees Celsius
  • Resistant to mechanical and chemical pressures within seconds from application
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Compatible with coating finishes such as anti slip
  • Environmentally friendly; for it contains no solvents and is odorless
  •  Easy to clean, for safeguarding visibility and cleanliness
  • Durable and robust

The following video demonstrates the uses and benefits of an instant coating:

Breakthrough in flooring systemsinstant coating

A coating that cures at the speed of light sounds great and innovative but is it really instant? The answer is yes. SolidLux developed and patented a coating system that cures instantly when subject to UV radiation. The coating is one-of-a-kind! When the coating cures it also becomes impact resistant within only a few seconds. Never before has it been possible to design and also manufacture an instantly curing, industrial grade, durable floor coating.

Thanks to UV technology the process of drying and curing is now contained within a single process. The coated surface is exposed to UV rays with a portable or hand-held UV lamp. Furthermore, the exceptionally durable, opaque, coloured floor coating system has a solid share of 100%  and an overall coat thickness of 300 micrometres. This is more than sufficient for a robust, wear-resistant and yet instantly curing surface.

A new floor coat, at the speed of light!

Time is money; SolidLux cures fast thus saves time, which is money. The coating system can be applied in between other activities, with minimal interruption of the regular activities in the area. For example:


Available products

The complete floor coating system consists of 5 products:

  • the standard SolidLux coating system (Basecoat and Topcoat)
  • a filling and levelling coat (Screed)
  • a primer for porous surfaces (Adhesive)
  • a filling paste for repairs (Putty)

Each of these products makes use of the patented UV technology and cures instantly. Whether it is a new top coat or a complete system, the amount of time saved is impressive in every situation!


Additional bonus: It’s is a one pot system; and that’s user and eco-friendly not forgetting the efficiency!

How to apply instant coating

SolidLux floor coating is applied by certified coating specialists who are qualified and trained to apply the system. They are experienced in all facets of the material and UV technology. They also use the unique properties of the SolidLux system to maximum effect.

Applications include:

  • Cold storage and freezers
  • Restaurants & kitchens

  • Hospitals
  • Parking garages
  • Gallery floors
  • Staircases
  • Food & beverage industry

The system are also suitable for applying coating lines.

Colour availability for instant coating floors

At the moment 10 standard colours are available. However, if you are looking for something different, other colours and finishes are available on request.   You can request a sample box via!


Colour availability for instant coating lines



Manufacturer info

On 24 February 2016, Dutch paint manufacturer Van Wijhe Verf in Zwolle, the Netherlands, introduced a breakthrough in the area of industrial floor coatings: SolidLux Instant Coating. But seeing is believing of course.  So here are a few examples of practical application of this new coating system in the Netherlands:

  • Gallery floor retirement complex Wilhelminastaete
    The existing floor was sanded and provided with two coats of SolidLux Basecoat. The second coat is sprinkled with kiln dried filter sand, 0.2-0.6. The surface is finished with a SolidLux Topcoat. After each coat a portable UV lamp is used for instant curing.
  • Cold store floor maintenance Van de Ven Food Impuls
    The floor was cleaned, sanded and provided with a coat of SolidLux Screed, mixed with SolidLux Adhesive. For robust coat thickness and good adhesion two coats of SolidLux Basecoat were applied before the final SolidLux Topcoat. After each coat a portable lamp was used to cure the coated surface instantly by UV light.
  • Kitchen floor at a pancake restaurant 
    The aisle was cleaned, degreased and sanded by hand and lined with masking tape. Worn patches were twice treated with a coat of SolidLux Basecoat, whereby the first coat was mixed with 10% SolidLux Adhesive for optimal adhesion between the old coating and the new finish. The surface was then completely treated with SolidLux Basecoat. Finally, a SolidLux Topcoat was applied and manually sprinkled with a white flake. When treating smaller areas such as this the portable UV lamp is ideal. It was done within three hours.
  • Cold cheese storage and also cold storage Friesland Campina Cheese
    In a cold store, used for storing cheese, 125 metres of lines was applied on a coated concrete floor. The cold store remained fully operational a temperature of 4° C; with the surface temperature of the floor at 2° C. After applying the coating the lines were UV-cured with a Decorad Handlamp, making the floor instantly resistant to mechanical loads and stresses.

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