Intumescent Paint Sydney

Intumescent paint Sydney Harbour Bridge

Intumescent paint is fire protection for wood, concrete, and steel

Fire is one of those dangers that is at the forefront of the minds of most Australians. Our very climate is against us in this regard, with the number of catastrophic fire danger days on the increase and our bushfire seasons getting longer and more severe. But bushfires are not the only fires that structures have to contend with. Each year, NSW Fire & Rescue attend an average 22,000 incidents and emergencies related to fires and explosions, and of these only a third are bushfire-related. An intumescent paint protects its substrate from fire by swelling when exposed to heat and forming a foam-like char. This char insulates the substrate and can provide an extra 120 minutes of fire protection. If you are looking for intumescent paint, Sydney has a number of options for you.

Below we have compiled a list of intumescent painting contractors and suppliers in Sydney. If you would like more information about how intumescent paint works, please visit our fireproof paint overview page. Intumescent paint is suitable for wood, concrete, and metal substrates – even the structural wood of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is protected by intumescent paint.

Intumescent paint Sydney contractors and suppliers

You should always consult a specialist when considering a fire resistant paint for any project in order to choose the best and most appropriate level of fire protection. An application by a specialist also means you will receive certification for the job done. There are a number of intumescent paint Sydney-based specialists and suppliers. If you would like intumescent paint for your project, get in touch! Our experts are here to help. In collaboration with our coating partners, we will connect you with the right coating solution for your needs. Take advantage of our 100% free quotation service by using the “Request a Quote” button beneath this article. Below is a list of intumescent painting contractors and specialists in the Sydney region.

Ol’ PaintingSuite 284, Young St. Neutral Bay, NSW 2089 Australia+61 1300 790 102
Greyton Passive fire protectionUnit 10, 41-43, Higginbotham Road Gladesville NSW 2111 Australia+61 (0)2 9807 9492
Pro Plaster N PaintNew South Wales+61 1300 889 209

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