Mould Resistant Paint

mould resistant paint

Protect your walls and your health with anti mould paint

While the vast majority of Australia may be bone-dry, there are certainly parts of this wide brown land that are prone to mould. Humid regions in the tropics, rain-prone areas, bathrooms, kitchens, laundries, sheds… All of these moisture-rich areas are breeding grounds for mould and fungus. Mould can grow on both interior and exterior surfaces, ceilings, seams, walls, anywhere where there is enough damp to sustain it. That is where mould resistant paint comes in. It combats this unsightly and unhealthy growth and maintains a clean and unblemished surface.

In this article we look at mould resistant paint, how it works, where to use it, and where to find suppliers and manufacturers in Australia.

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How to mould-proof your property with mould resistant paint

Mould resistant paint (also anti mould paint, mould proof paint, anti fungal paint, and anti mildew paint) works through the action of an additive which inhibits the growth of mould, mildew, and fungus. This fungicide works through contact – the paint prevents mould growing on its surface by making that surface toxic to it. Another solution is waterproofing paint, particularly if the mould is due to dampness or on external walls. If you have damp walls, it is best to have the problem checked as it could be a sign of a serious structural issue.

Whether you are painting a new surface, or one which has suffered mould before, there are some necessary substrate preparation steps that you need to follow:

  1. Ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust and grease.
  2. Remove all loose, flaking, or peeling material and sand the surface.
  3. If mould is present, use a mould-killing spray or bleach and make sure it is clean before applying paint.

The places where a mould resistant paint are most needed are those where damp is an issue. For interiors this includes kitchens, laundries, and bathrooms. Anti mould bathroom paint is particularly important on ceilings where steam accumulates. Exterior walls and seams are also an area that could benefit from anti mould treatment. Whether you a mould-proofing your bathroom or your kitchen, mould resistant paint is a top coat which needs to be on the surface in order to work.

Other mould-combating measures you can take

Mould resistant paint works for ceilings and walls in damp-prone rooms like bathrooms and kitchens.

Ceilings are particular trouble spots for mould due to rising steam and heat.

There are measures to fight damp that you can take to combat the problem aside from a fresh coat of paint. These include:

  1. Ventilating the house – let fresh air in and humid air out
  2. Remove the mould – vinegar, bleach or borax are handy household items which fight mould and fungus
  3. Use a dehumidifier – for poorly-ventilated rooms and spaces, a dehumidifier can help keep the air dry
  4. Replace fabrics such as carpets and curtains if they have mould
  5. Seal the surface – particularly for damp substrates
  6. Coat with mould resistant paint –

Mould resistant paint suppliers and manufacturers in Australia

There are a range of consumer and professional mould resistant products available on the Australian market. A trip to your local Bunnings will probably sort you out. If you have a large mould-proofing project to undertake and would like to source the best paint for the job, we are here to help! Tell our experts about your project by clicking the “Request a Quote” button beneath this article and let them connect you with the coating solution for your needs. Our quotation service is 100% free, so why not take advantage of our expertise and coatings partners today!

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