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Understanding what you need when you buy powder coating powder

Powder coating is not just used the coating used by your mate to hot up his old Holden ute. It is a highly protective coating method that is used to protect substrates from corrosion, chemicals, weather, and physical damage while providing an attractive drip-and-sag-free finish. Because it produces little to no waste and emits almost zero VOCs, powder coating is also a cost effective and environmentally friendly coating option. From the wire rope safety barriers seen along most major Australian highways to the play equipment in your local park, the protective and attractive properties of powder coating powders are found everywhere.

If you are trying to find powder coating powders for your business or for a business project, this article will help you navigate the powder chemistries and determine the ones you need. We also look at where in Australia you can buy powder coating powder and the brands and manufacturers that supply them.

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Powder coat finishes and colours – and how they affect powder price

Most powder companies will produce a range of “standard” colours, with the option to choose another RAL colour that they can produce for you. These options will be represented in their powder coat colour chart or their sample cards. Powder coat colours can also be tailor-made for your specific needs, though not all companies provide this service. AkzoNobel’s Interpon Powder Coatings is one company that provides custom colours. The colour options will start with the basic solid colour standard, and then get more exciting (and more expensive) from there. Powder coating manufacturers also provide colour sample panels so that you can assess a finish in person, rather than on a screen.

Powder coating comes in a range of special effect finishes which are not available in liquid paint. These special powder coating powders include:

  • Gloss – A powder coating finish comes in levels of gloss from flat/matte with no shine to full gloss , which is the shiniest. Between these are satin and medium gloss.
  • Colour effects  – These include translucents, which add colour while also allowing the metal substrate to gleam through, and dormants – A bright candy finish, this is a two step effect with a typically metallic base coat and a clear top coat. These are particularly used on bikes.
  • Metallics – A metallic sheen or sparkle effect caused by the inclusion of metallic pigments like aluminum flake or mica, ranging from shimmer to glitter. They come in bonded and unbonded (which describes how the metal is incorporated). Unbonded is the cheaper but less consistent finish.
  • Textures – These include sand (sandpaper appearance), hammer (like a hammered metal surface), wrinkle (commonly seen on items like gym machines – rough yet smooth, with depth), and river vein (an almost wet look finish with a dimpled and crinkled effect).

$25 per 500g is the average powder coating powder price, but of course this changes with brand and specialisations. When you look to buy powder coating powders you quickly realise the more extreme the effect or outrageous the colour or texture, the more expensive it is. For a look at how powder coating powders prices translate to the finished item, visit our costs overview.

In general, metallics are more expensive due to the extra processes involved in making them. Special textures require extra thick film build or specialty application techniques which also increase the price. The more specialised the powder, the higher the price. Powders are commonly sold by the pound or kilo, with the overall cost-per-unit decreasing as the volume increases.

How to choose the right powder coating resin for your application

Like liquid paints, powder coating powders are available in a range of resin types from acrylic to polyurethane. Another element which changes between chemistries is the curing process of the powder. In this respect powders can be divided into two broad categories: thermoset and thermoplastic. In a thermoset resin, the molecules form crosslinks as they cure. This permanently alters the chemical composition of the coating. Thermoplastic resins have longer chain molecules to begin with and do not form crosslinks. Consequently, they can be re-melted if exposed to high enough temperatures.

They are both applied through the usual powder coating methods, but thermoplastic powders are more flexible, where thermoset powders are heat stable. Most powder coating powders are thermoset powders. It is important to choose coating products based on the substrate, environment, and use that it is required for. For example, while a polyester powder is used for exterior applications, hybrid epoxy polyester powder coating is not, as epoxy is not UV stable. Epoxy polyester powder coating is therefore used for interior furniture and consumer products. Epoxy powder coating is even less UV resistant, and so if you want epoxy powder coating it needs to be for applications protected from the sun.

Below is a list of the main resin types and their applications.

Powder Coating Powder TypeDescriptionUsesProduct example
ACRYLIC POWDER A thermosetting resin with good chemical resistance.Mainly used in the automotive industry for smooth, chip resistant clear coats.PPG Enviracryl
EPOXY POWDER A thermosetting, impact resistant, durable, corrosion resistant, chemical resistant, and highly adhesive powder. Not UV stable.Mostly used in as a protective coating in interior applications and factory equipment. Fusion bonded epoxy powder coating is used to protect pipelines from corrosion.Dulux E-Prime
POLYESTER POWDER The most common thermosetting resin type due to its flexibility, durability, mechanical resistance, chemical resistance, versatility and low cost. TGIC and TGIC-free formulations.Used for exterior applications. There are also Super Durable Polyesters which offer extended colour and gloss lifespans.Jotun Super Durable series
HYBRID EPOXY POLYESTER POWDER Toughness, chemical resistant, colour stable and highly decorative. It has better weatherability than pure epoxy, but decreased chemical and corrosion resistance.Commonly used for office furniture, consumer products, retail/shopfitting and interior applications.PPG Envirocron Series
FLUOROPOLYMER POWDERThermoset fluoropolymer powder coating which has excellent weatherability, UV stability, and colour and gloss retention. Typically used in exterior industrial and architectural applications (like PVDF coating) as they are the longest-lasting, best-performing outdoor powder coating option.Dulux Fluoroset Series
NYLON POWDER Thermoplastic powder used where friction reduction, resistance to corrosion and chemicals, and a cosmetic finish are required. Kids playground equipment, shopping carts and wire shelving use nylon coating, as well as applications in the healthcare industry.AkzoNobel Interpon TP RTS
POLYURETHANE POWDER A thermosetting powder with excellent corrosion resistance, UV stability, and durability, but more expensive than alternatives.Used for exterior applications with a need for hardness and a lower film build, furniture, garage doors, lighting, etc.PPG Envirocron Polyurethane
SILICONE POWDERA heat resistant powder coating for temperatures up to 1000°F.For high heat applications such as engines and exhaust systems, stoves, ovens, lighting and others.AkzoNobel Interpon HT 450 RTS


Where to buy powder coating powder in Australia

If you have a business that requires powder coating powders for specialty applications, or are simply looking to buy powder coating powders for your business, there are several big companies operating in Australia who provide powders for your needs. The main powder coating powders manufacturers are DuluxAkzoNobel, PPG, and Jotun, and Oxytech is a local distributor for Oxyplast Powder Coatings. Below is a table outlining a few of the products and powder coating paint suppliers on the Australian market.

We often get the question: “where to buy powder coat paint near me?”. The list below outlines a few of your options. As well as the standard chemistries, there are also specialty powder coating powders available from a range of powder coating paint suppliers: the Interpon EasyClean series aids in the removal of graffiti, Dulux Zincshield provides corrosion resistance, and Jotun’s Jotapipe series of FBE coatings protects pipes.

Powder Coating Powder CompanyCompany HeadquartersPowder Coating Powder Brand
AkzoNobel Interpon Powder Coatings51 McIntyre Road, Sunshine North, VIC 3020Interpon and Resicoat
PPG Industrial Coatings14 McNaughton Road, Clayton, Victoria 3168 Envirocron, Enviracryl, Duranar, Coraflon and Silversan
Dulux Powders & Industrial Coatings1-15 Pound Road West, Dandenong South, VIC 3175Electro, Duralloy, Duratec, and Fluoroset
Jotun AustraliaP.O.Box 105, Altona North VIC 3025Jotaguard, Jotapipe, and Primax

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