Powder Coating Cost in Australia

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A complete guide to powder coating cost in Australia

Powder coaters tend to be quite coy about their prices. This is because each job is different and a price list, even an estimated one, can be confusing when the prices do not match up. The total powder coating cost is determined by a combination of factors: they type of metal the piece is made from, the type and colour of the powder, the application method, the need for surface preparation and pre-treatment, as well as the surface area of the object. Due to the fact that the price of powder decreases as the volume increases, it is more cost-efficient to powder coat large projects than smaller ones. Whether you need commercial-scale application, want to powder coat rims or motorcycle parts, or are looking to apply it yourself, you are in the right place. So, how much does powder coating cost in Australia?

In this article we give you an overview of how powder coating cost is determined, powder coating prices for common pieces, how much it costs for businesses and DIY jobs, and all other powder coating services in Australia.

After reading about how powder coating cost is calculated, and finding the service you are after on our powder coating price list, find your local powder coater with our interactive map (above).

The factors that affect and determine powder coating prices

Powder coaters will provide powder coating quotes as flat rates (for more common jobs such as powder coating rims), as cost per metre by length (for flat, straight items such as fences), or cost per square metre (for larger pieces). For mass projects it is often the practice to give a flat rate per part or a variable rate based on quantity – the higher the number of pieces, the lower the cost per piece. If you are looking for industrial powder coating companies, make sure to find out whether the company has the equipment and ability to coat your project.

When it comes to industrial powder coating applications, the applicator will usually purchase powders directly from the manufacturer and provide you with a selection to choose from. Prices can vary depending on the manufacturer, the type of powder, and the nature of the contract with the powder coating supplier. It is often beneficial to contact the manufacturer to enquire directly about powder coating prices to get an estimate based upon their product, and find out the applicators they supply.

When determining the powder coating cost, an applicator will look at the followings contributing factors:

  • Pre-treatment and cleaning
    If a piece is oily, greasy, rusty, still has old paint, or parts that are not suitable for powder coating and need masking or removing, the powder coater will need to clean and treat the piece in order to effectively apply the powder coating. This may be abrasive blasting or chemical stripping, but either way it adds to the man-hours and equipment cost.
  • Shape, size, metal type, and number of pieces
    More unusual and complicated shapes are harder to coat effectively, and are therefore more expensive. Likewise, outsized pieces are more expensive. You should always check that your powder coater has the equipment and capability required for your particular piece. Many powder coaters use large and small batch ovens, and costs are higher where pieces need individual treatment. Different metals also require different preparation steps or more coating which will affect the price.
  • Powder type and finish
    Powders, like liquid paints, come in a variety of chemistries including epoxy powder, polyester, nylon, and polyurethane. They range in cost; polyester powder coating is the cheapest option and the more heavy-duty types such as fluoropolymers are at the more expensive end. Effect powders and finishes such as pearlescent or matte are also more expensive than the simpler options. Powders are cheaper by weight in greater quantities, so the more surface you coat, the lower the powder cost per kilo will be. 500g of powder will cover about 4m2 of flat surface.

The cost of powder coating in Australia – powder coating price list

So, how much is powder coating? We have collated the average prices for a range of the most common powder coating services and put them all into one handy list. Our powder coating price list is based on services available across Australia, and includes the more popular powder coating applications such as the powder coating rims cost. There will of course be regional differences – the powder coating Sydney prices are not likely to gel perfectly with the powder coating Melbourne prices or even the Kununurra prices. These prices are a starting point, and repair work and specialty colours and finishes will incur an extra cost.

Powder coating is one of the most popular coating methods and there are many companies in Australia that provide powder coating supplies and services. Of course not all of these provide the same services; one may specialise in powder coating wheels and another only takes on large scale projects. If you want more powder coating cost information, or have a powder coating job and want to be connected with one of our coating partners, make use of our 100% free quoting service. Our experts are here to help you find the best coating solution, just click the “Request a quote” button beneath this article!

Powder Coating BMX and Bicycle PartsPowder Coating Cost Estimate/Rate
BMX 20 inch frame and fork$285
Mountain Bike frame and swing arm$350
Road Bike frame and fork$ 325
Powder Coating Motorcycle Parts
Motorcycle hubs$90 each
Motorcycle rims$80-125 each
Standard motorcycle frames$300-400
HD and Chopper frames$540
Motorcycle fork legs$185 (pair)
Powder Coating Car Parts
Car rims$60-70 each
Car steel wheels (13-14 inch)$100 each (blast, prime and coat)
Car alloy mag wheels (14-16 inch)$150 each (prime and coat)
Diff housingsfrom $240
Light 4WD bullbar$300
Heavy4WD bullbar$400
Ute tray – 2400L steel$1,000
Powder Coating Metal Garden Furniture
Chair (small)$50
Cast iron chair (small)$60
Table (large)$100
Powder Coating Gates and Fences
Single gate ( 1 metre H x 1 metre W)$40-50
Double gate (1 metre H x 3 metres W)$90-110
Fence panels$20 per m2

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Cost of powder coating for DIYers and professionals

To apply powder coating yourself at home you will need some specialist kits and know-how; it is not a cheap DIY project. Costs will comprise of surface preparation, coating equipment, coating powder and curing equipment including tapes and oven – much more than say, the powder coating wheels cost at your local applicator.

The cost of powder coating equipment for big and small projects

In the following powder coating price list you can find the cost of powder coating products. Note that the prices are only indications, and exclude possible shipping costs. Powder coating pricing for equipment is variable between companies and products. For example, powders come in three main varieties: epoxy, polyester, and a blend of the two. As a rough guideline, polyester powders are cheaper than epoxy, and gloss finishes are cheaper than matt finishes. 500 grams of powder will cover about 4  m² of a flat surface.

Powder coating equipment itemPrice estimate
Best Equip Powder coating system (incl. spray gun)$510.00
Eastwood Powder curing oven (small)$125.00
Gema Optiflex 2 Industrial powder coating spray gun$9,000.00

Note that if you are planning to start a powder coating business, you must be aware of several safety requirements regarding spray and powder painting, provided by Safe Work Australia.

2 replies
  1. John
    John says:

    Just wondering if it is possible to chrome powder coat an old car 1950 Pontiac grill. I can supply photo of the unit if it is possible to do so.
    It is in pretty reasonable condition, with 2 over riders which would need some panel beating. The chrome its self is consistent with a car 1950 s vintage, much better than average original.

    Wondering if it is a cost effective and long last alternative to re plating which is very expensive and even harder to find a good plater.

    • Ayold
      Ayold says:

      Dear John,

      Without the proper surface preparation we would not recommend applying a powder coating to chrome, as the smoothness of the surface prevents proper adhesion. It is absolutely possible with the suitable preparation. You need to balance the look of your Pontiac against the savings of a powder coat – nothing but chrome shines like chrome. Through the powder coating will give a glossy metallic finish, a trawl through any car lovers message board will show you its ability to pass is hotly contended. As to durability, powder coating is long-lasting and durable, when applied by a trained professional, but the same goes for chrome-plating. Ultimately, I’m afraid, the choice is up to you. Good luck with finding the right coating for your Pontiac! We recommend dropping by your local powder coater to ask them about their capabilities and advice.

      Jasmin – Coating.com.au


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