Protective coatings in Australia

Protective coatings

What are protective coatings?

Protective coating is a type of paint, varnish, or lacquer used more to protect than decorate. Due to the fact that many coatings are protective, there are many different types of these coatings for different substrates and protection from different factors. Examples of protective coatings include safety coatings such as:

Other protective coatings protect materials from hazards such as corrosion and sometimes, insulate the material and prevent chemical reactions. For example tank lining coatings prevent the content of a tank from reacting with the tank material. Those and many other coatings also protect metal surfaces and structures from corrosion, which is the main hazard for metals. Many corrosion resistant coatings have also additional properties; for example marine coatings include antifouling paint which protects ship hulls from corrosion but also from fouling by alga and other microorganisms.

Where is protective coating commonly used?

After purely decorative coatings, protective coatings are the most common paint products in both industrial and consumer use. They have a purpose to protect structures, enhance security and safety of people and products as well as to extend lifespan of structures and products. Protective coating has thus an important role in many buildings and products. Looking at buildings for example, floors and exterior walls most often have a protective layer on them making them last longer without maintenance. This counts for public buildings such as schools,for houses in general and for commercial buildings.

The most challenging operating environments also require coatings to make sure the structures and buildings endure the conditions. These applications are common in power generation sector especially in on shore and off shore wind farms and oil platforms.

Protective coating suppliers in Australia

Xtreme Protective Coatings Pty Ltd
Unit 1 / 6 Tidal Way
Bibra Lake, WA 6163
Office: 08 9418 5524
Fax: 08 9418 5574
Spray on Xtreme Ute Liners PERTH

Surface Technology – AU
7 Marriott Road
Western Australia
Tel: +61 (0)8 9417 4047

Krypton Polyurea
Mobile – +61498008510
Skype – crosscoatings
Perth WA, Australia

Dulux Protective Coatings
1477 Ipswich Rd, Rocklea QLD 4106
Technical Advice & Order Hotline
Phone – 13 2377 (Australia Only)
Fax – 1 800 800 864

New South Wales
85 Governor Macquarie Drive
Chipping Norton N.S.W.
Australia 2170
Phone: +61 2 9755 3222

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