black liquid rubber paint on a paint brush

Liquid Rubber Paint Australia

Liquid rubber paint protects and waterproofs almost any surface Liquid rubber paint has been on the market for years now, but recent technological advances have both improved and expanded the range of liquid rubber available. While traditionally…
fireproof paint damps flames

Fireproof Paint Australia

All you need to know about fireproof paint and its benefits Fireproof paint or fireproof construction materials have been compulsory for years now in office buildings, entrance halls, parking garages, public buildings and government buildings.…
anti slip coating

Anti Slip Coating Australia

Increase safety and prevent accidents with anti slip coating Slips and trips are a serious problem in Australia, both at home and in the workplace. They account for more than the third of all workplace injuries, and over 30% of regular accidents…
Concrete paint poured on a concrete floor
Applying a ceramic car coating.

Ceramic Car Coating | Glass Coating

Ceramic car coating guarantees ultimate shine and protection Trying to keep a car looking brand new can be costly and end up feeling like endless work. All that washing, waxing, and attention feels futile when a bird finds its target ten minutes…
non slip paint for timber
Garage floor coating and concrete resurfacing will extend the life of your floor

Garage Floor Coating Australia

Garage floor coating for better looks and extreme durability Garage floors are always subject to several hazards such as moisture, chemical spills, and heavy mechanical loads and vehicle traffic. These factors together wear and damage the garage…
Find the best interior paint brands in Australia and get the best results
sherwin williams coatings in industrial structure

Sherwin Williams Coatings

The global coverage of Sherwin Williams paints and coatings Sherwin-Williams is one of the top 3 coating and paint companies worldwide. It was founded in 1866 when Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams saw an opportunity to revolutionise the industrial…