Coating types in Australia

coating types

What is coating exactly?

Before we can explain different coating types it is important to know what coating is. Coating is often defined as a layer or covering applied to a surface of an object. There are coatings for industrial use but also for consumers. The consumer coatings refer mainly to decorative paints for design and architectural use.

Coating types by resins

Now we know what the definition of coating is. It is also good to distinguish between the different coatings by their generic resin types. The most common coating types are thus:

Each coating consists of its own blend with sometimes two or more resins, a special curing agent, pigment additives and solvents. This results in largely different properties in different coatings. However, as there are many diffeent coatings, there are also many different applications which require coatings.

Protective coating types

The segment, protective coatings, consists of coatings with protective and damage preventive properties. Commonly used coatings in Australia are for example:

  • fire resistant/retardant coatings
  • intumescent coatings
  • anti fouling coatings
  • anti slip coatings
  • corrosion protection coating
  • waterproof coatings
  • weatherproof coatings

Especially fire retardant, intumescent and fireproof coatings have to meet strict regulations. Therefore, Sydney (and Australian) businesses are by law required to use approved applicators to ensure regulatory compliance with Australian standards regarding passive fire prevention.

Decorative and architectural coatings

Decorative colours are used to make an object aesthetically appealing. Besides their decorative purpose, they also give objects a protective layer and a longer lifetime. In addition to applications on walls and floors they are also suitable for:

  • Ceilings
  • Furniture
  • Doors and window frames

In the architectural industry they are often used to beautify objects like: railings, balconies, floors, walls, concrete and garden elements. A wide range of decorative coatings is available for consumers in many hard ware shops but also online. For example Bunnings provides a selection iof coatings for consumers.

Australia’s biggest segment: industrial coating

In Australia the most coatings are for industrial use. Industrial coatings refer thus to those that are applied during the manufacturing process of products. These coatings include many protective and other functional coatings such as electrically and thermally conductive coatings, nano coatings and hydrophobic coatings.  Most of the industrial coating applications are nowadays powder coatings. This means that instead of using liquid paint, the paint comes in a form of dry powder which is liquidised during the application process.

Growing segment in Australia

Marine paints, army paints and traffic paints are a few examples of special purpose coatings. The coating world is rapidly expanding, especially in Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne and Perth, with special purpose coating types.

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