Water Tank Linings

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Keep water fresh and safe with Water Tank Linings

Water Tank Linings are applied to the inside of a water tank to protect against leakage. But that’s not all, it also makes sure the water is not be contaminated by rust (from erosion) and outer contamination. It can be used on almost any tank, style or size. So weather you have a water tank for drinking water, waste water or agricultural purposes, there are always suitable Water Tank Linings available. The benefits in a row:

  • Waterproofing was never easier
  • Save money on buying a new water tank by repairing the old tank
  • Get help from a pro, or do it yourself
  • Suitable for almost any substrate (steel, fibreglass, concrete, pvc and more!)

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Flexible Water Tank Liners for repairing leaks

Water Tank Liners are a cost effective, durable alternative to traditional tank repair methods. And as long as the tank shell is still able to hold its intended capacity a prefabricated water tank liner can be applied. The type of water tank liner used depends on the size and shape of the tank, the type of liquid being stored, its end use and the tank location and environment. Always check if the material used is suitable for contact with drinking water. The Australian Water Quality Centre has designed product standard (AS/NZS 4020:2005) for products that come in contact with drinking water. All product testing is done by the AWQC laboratory and a certificate is issued for approved water tank liners.

Water Tank Liners prices

So how much does a water tank liner cost? There is no easy answer to this question. Like every tank is different, every water tank liner is too. To best compare quotes, provide exact information on the required size and intended use of the tank. Always make sure to check your quote on the following:

water tank liner easy access

Determine if you can access the water tank yourself before making an inquiry

  • The material used
  • Fixing requirements
  • Additional costs for tools
  • Freight costs
  • Including or excluding GST
  • The warranty time
  • Certification to meet AS 4020

The following indication for a do it yourself installation was given by Abgal Liners & Covers:

Water Tank Size: 4m diameter x 1.8m high
Gallons: 5000 (19000 litres
Purpose: Drinking Water
Water Tank Liner cost: $600.63 (inc. gst)
Extrusion cost: $184.50
Freight to Melbourne: $39
Total cost: $825

Looking for a competitive quote? Or do you need any help with determine the cost for large water tank installations? Please contact us. We’re happy to help.

Water Tank Liner DIY in 5 easy steps

Installing water tank liners sounds like a lot of work, but luckily this is not the case. In fact almost 80% of people choose to save the installation cost and install their own water tank liner. The water tank liner is prefabricated to the exact measurements of your tank. Two things to consider when thinking about installing the liner yourself:

  • Is your water tank structurally sound? If not, you need to repair or replace parts first
  • Can you enter the tank safely? If you need professional tools or ladders to enter, it might be best to let a professional do the job

If you answered yes to the two questions you can order your DIY water tank liner at one of the following companies:

Abgal Liners & Covers
56 Magnesium
Dr Crestmead
QLD 4132 Australia
DuraTank Water Tank Liners
Fabric Solutions
21-23 Access Ave
Yatala QLD 4207 Australia
22 Waltham
St Artarmon
Sydney NSW 2064 Australia

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5 installation steps

Al prefabricated water tank linings come with specific printed instructions, which may differ from the water tank linings installation steps below. Always follow the manufacturers instructions!

  1. Preparation: Make sure there are no sharp edges, rust, scale, sharp edges or protrusions. If you use a ladder or other tools make sure they are placed on protective fabric or have protective covers attached to the “feet”.
  2. Hold the liner in place: Remove the outlets and attach a fixing extrusion (only for closed top water tanks)
  3. Fitting: feed the prefabricated through the manhole and check if it fits correctly
  4. Installing: Fix the liner to the extrusion. In case of an open top water tank; band it around the wall
  5. Clean & Fill: clean the liner with lukewarm water and liquid soap, rinse, let dry and then fill the water tank

Water Tank Linings Cleaning tip: Use a soft broom or mop with liquid soap to softly clean the inside surface of the tank. Then rins it with lukewarm water and drain the tank completely. Fill the tink with a high level of fresh water. If you only fill it to a shallow level, it might taste a little plastic. While this is not harmful, it is very easy to avoid if you clean and then fill up the water tank to a high level.

Let a professional install the new Liner

Not every water tank is suitable for a do it yourself installation. In case of a damaged water tank, if there is no easy acces or if you simply want to ease your mind, contact us. Depending on where you live in Australia we can often recommend a certified professional installer near you.

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  1. James P
    James P says:

    I’m looking to make a watertank with rammed earth walls. It’s easier to do this with square walls due to the formwork I can get access to. Do you supply square tank liners, and if so, in what sizes if they’re premade?

    If they’re not premade, what’s the cost for a custom liner of 2x2x2m?

    Do you also supply the relevant fittings?


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