Xylan coating process for cars

Xylan coating on car

What is Xylan coating?

Xylan is generally used to reduce friction, improve wear resistance and create non-stick surfaces. The most common application is in non-stick cookware. However, Xylan coating is also in extensive use in the automotive industry as well as in the oil and gas industry for corrosion protection.

Is Xylan then the same as Teflon?

In principle, the composition of Xylan and Teflon is very similar; they are both fluoropolymer coatings. Nonetheless, Xylan and Teflon are trademarks of these coatings: Xylan is Withford Corporation’s trademark for fluoropolymer coatings. Thus, to be exact they are not the same despite their similar properties and purposes of use.

xylan coating

Xylan coating for cars

Xylan coating is also applicable in the automotive industry. It namely consists of low friction, wear resistant composites of fluoropolymers and reinforcing binder resins. The coating systems also exist as conventional and reinforced (filled) coating systems; these have several properties which are beneficial for automotive surfaces and components; especially for those under the hood. The coating allows characteristics such as:

  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Controlled friction
  • Lubrication
  • Wear and heat resistance
  • Non stick properties
  • Corrosion protection

Thin sheet Xylan applications are ideal in situations where the construction material does not provide the appropriate surface properties. Xylan adheres very well, even to surfaces that do not respond well to other types of PTFE coatings, thus it is applicable in most of the cases. This means thus that the ideal construction material can be used and then coated with a thin film of Xylan, which leads to achieving both the proper construction material and the ideal surface qualities. Xylan coating for cars can thus remarkably improve the surface performance as well as the performance of components subject to heat, oil and dirt. The coating allows a finish that is smooth, and somewhat immune to road debris adhering into it.

Xylan 5230 

Fluoropolymer coating exists in a variety of formulations; the most common coating for cars is Xylan 5230.  It is a controlled friction dip-spin coating that is solvent borne: it provides controlled torque tension and good corrosion resistance. Additionally, it offers good resistance to automotive fuels, fluids, and lubricants: it can even withstand 240 hours of salt spray without effect on the surface. Xylan is additionally immune to flaking and chipping and it does not contain any restricted heavy metals. Since Xylan is corrosion resistant, it protects cars and other vehicles from the most common corroding factors and increases durability as well as extends the expected lifespan of the surfaces and objects.

The applications are possible as:

  • One coat (top coat)
  • Two coat system (primer and top coat)
  • Three coat system (primer, mid coat, top coat)

xylan coating for cars

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